40 Baby Names Perfect for Parents Who Love Winter Holidays

Kelly Bryant | Oct 15, 2018 Parenting News
40 Baby Names Perfect for Parents Who Love Winter Holidays

Baby in Santa hat sleeping

A baby born in any season is special, but parents of winter newborns may want to take advantage of all of the inspiration the holidays bring when naming their little one. There are so many winter holiday-related monikers that are absolutely gorgeous and hold special meaning to people who look forward to this time of year. It may be chilly outside but this time of year is filled with warm family memories. And, hey, it isn't necessary to have a kid born in November or December to take advantage of names like Noel or Joy. Anyone who lives for all things holiday should feel free to embrace these merry monikers any time of the year.

If Christmas is a personal favorite, names like Holly, Noble, and Angel can make for sweet nods to December 25, even if baby's due date falls in the middle of summer. For Hanukkah, that holiday might inspire names like Judah, Arin, or Clay (as in the beloved holiday pastime of spinning the dreidel ... made of clay). If it's Kwanzaa parents would love to pay homage to, there's always Imani (meaning Faith), Sira (the joining of friends), or Umoja (meaning unity).

But if the entirety of winter is a parent's jam, there are also some great options that could cover all of the bases. Take, for example, December (which can always be shortened to Ember), January (it sure does work for actually January Jones), and Winter.

Keep reading for little baby name inspiration, no matter which holiday touches the heart most.

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