These Kids Dressed as Members of the Royal Family Are Winning Halloween


The royal family -- and the young royals, specifically -- are endless sources of fascination for the entire world. And being that they're all innately fashion icons, everyone in the brood -- from newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the Queen's eldest grandchild, Prince William -- serves as fairly amazing Halloween costume inspiration. And the cutest royal costumes we've seen yet have cropped up on kiddos, obviously! 

  • Indiana mom Courtney Nicole recently took to Instagram to share photos of her kids dressed like Meghan and Harry.

    "We are kinda royal obsessed in this house," Courtney Nicole tells CafeMom. So, when she first saw this shot of Meghan and Harry in July at the Commonwealth Youth Forum, she knew she wanted to replicate the look on her little ones, Jane, 5, and Finn, 3.

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  • "We also knew we had awesome basics from June & January that we could pull together to make the perfect mini royal outfits," she shares.

  • Courtney Nicole found separates, such as this Twirl Skirt from the kidwear line for the costumes.

    "We used pieces from our everyday wardrobe, so the looks were comfy and cute, and totally something we will wear again," she shares. Win win!

    The kids enjoyed the experience as well, Courtney Nicole notes. "Although my son wasn't sure why Prince Harry wasn't Harry Potter too!" she shares. Too funny.

    The looks were even featured on June & January's blog.

  • Meanwhile, a mom named Emily Chu found stunning inspiration for her daughter's costume from Queen Elizabeth. 

    Queen Elizabeth
  • She dressed her little girl up like the matriarch, also using June & January pieces. 

    She took to Instagram late last month to share these adorable images, writing, "Halloween festivities start pretty early in our household and we couldn’t think of a better badass woman to celebrate 💪👑 and represent. @juneandjanuary ‘s colorful pieces make costumes so easy -- just add a little imagination ☺️."

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  • The whole lime green look -- and that gray wig, though! Ha! Love!

  • Of course, many parents have re-created the royals' looks for their little ones' Halloween costume. 

    This gorgeous mom-tot look was inspired by Prince George and Kate. 

  • And this little boy is going to be the most convincing Prince George circa 2018 this Halloween!

  • His mom is dressing up as the duchess, as well.

    She wrote on Instagram alongside this funny shot: "Trying on our Halloween costumes last night and I found this Kate mask that I bought in London last summer. My husband said I looked 'dead in the eyes' and Prince George refused to let me style his hair. Other than that, it’s all coming together! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧"

  • Even viral stars and twin sisters Mila and Emma Stauffer have gotten in on the action.

    Their mom, Katie Stauffer took to Instagram on October 21 to share this gasp-worthy adorable shot of the Phoenix-based tots rocking Meghan Markle and the Queen's royal wedding day looks. 

  • But really, nothing beats getting the whole family in on some seriously regal styling. 

  • Photographer Ashley Thalman captured this stunning shot of blogger Liz Stanley and her family dressed up as Kate, Wills, and Prince George!

  • The British royals provide endless inspo for style in general.

    But it's clear that replicating their looks on Halloween couldn't be more fun!