Mom's 'Thankful Pumpkin' Is the New Family Tradition You're Going to Want to Steal

Thankful pumpkin
Facebook/Carolyn Henderson Copeland

At this time of year it's hard to get your little ones' heads wrapped around any idea bigger than candy. We get it; we love Halloween too! But if you want to make sure that your kids are learning to appreciate the gifts of the season a little more -- and get them thinking about the spirit of Thanksgiving early -- you might want to steal this mom's adorable idea: the "Thankful Pumpkin." The meaningful plan might just be the sweetest new family tradition yet and should make its way into your annual jack-o'-lantern carving festivities. 


Mom Carolyn Henderson Copeland posted her amazing idea on Facebook, where she explained how it works. Every night for the month of November, she and her kiddos gather to add new items to their "Thankful Pumpkin" in lieu of more traditional decorations.

Thankful pumpkin
Facebook/Carolyn Henderson Copeland

As the days get closer to Thanksgiving, the pumpkin becomes a visual reminder of all of the wonderful things each family member has. The post seems to have caught fire online with 68K shares and more than 26K likes.

"What a great idea," wrote one person on the mom's post. 

And one person hilariously tagged their friends and told them, "we’re getting a thankful pumpkin and that’s final."

"I do like this idea!!!!" someone else responded. "And then put it on the table at thanksgiving."


On Carolyn's pumpkin, we can see things that her family is thankful for like "Granny & Poppy" and hilariously "indoor plumbing." (We agree on that one too!) But a good place to start might be with something small, such as daily traditions or meals and get bigger as you go on: things such as sunshine, cake pops, music, etc. Whether each of your kids gets a smaller pumpkin or the family works together to fill a large one, this will become a special tradition everyone looks forward to. But leave it up to your kids to steer what they add to the Thankful Pumpkin and be prepared to be surprised about what they feel grateful for.

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