This Mom's Rant About School Fundraisers Is All Too Relatable

Brooke Wilkerson

The school year may already be in full swing, but it is only a few weeks in for most kids. So, you'd think maybe your LO would have brought home info for one school fundraiser by now. Probably not two. Certainly not three! And yet ... that's how many Brooke Wilkerson's daughter has presented her with already. And it inspired the mom and blogger to take to Facebook for a rant about school fundraisers that's wracked up 103K views and 1.8K shares since it was posted September 27.

  • Wilkerson explains that she can handle book orders, but when it comes to selling her family and friend's personal information and being pressured into buying cookie dough or wrapping paper, she's drawing the line.

    Wilkerson hilariously acknowledges that kids vie for the recognition that these fundraisers will earn them. "[My daughter] just wants that 10-cent toy they're gonna give her in the cafeteria in front of the whole school to celebrate like some kind of direct sales company," she says.

    "They've turned our kids into little direct sales recruiters! ... They don't want to be the only ones in the cafeteria who don't get the little 10-cent plush toy. Why don't I just go to McDonald's, and then you get a meal with your toy? And then, I don't have to figure out everyone's addresses or harass people to buy stuff." 

    She concludes that she'll just let her kid be the only one whose parent doesn't participate in the sale but take her to the dollar store after school and she can pick out whatever she wants. Too funny.  

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  • One joked that she can't stand sharing her family's info either, so she found a sneaky workaround.

  • And plenty of moms agree with and already follow Wilkerson's opt-out-and-go-shopping strategy. Or they wish they could just write a check at the beginning of the year.

  • One mom pointed out that the fundraiser might be the only way to ensure kiddos get the supplies and resources they need, given how the government falls short in funding public education.

  • But the "funding" part isn't necessarily the issue. It's that parents don't want to be paying for nonsense. To that end, a couple of moms shared the non-fundraiser fundraisers they're doing for their schools.

  • Looks like these moms are onto something! Of course, every community is bound to have different needs and priorities. Surely there are parents out there who don't mind an onslaught of fundraisers. But for others, perhaps writing a check and calling it a day is preferable. 

    Cheers to the moms like Brooke Wilkerson who call BS fundraisers like they see 'em -- and plan to stand their ground!