Driver Found a Baby Crawling Across the Street & Snapped Gasp-Worthy Photos

baby crawling across the road
Cory Black Cannon

File this under things you absolutely do not expect to see while behind the wheel. A New Jersey man named Cory Black Cannon was driving on Joe Parker Road when he saw what he initially thought was a toy -- but turned out to be a baby girl crawling across the multi-lane street, according to CBS News. Cannon snapped two photos of the scene and shared to Facebook, writing, "Parenting at its absolute worse. ... I thought about my baby girl." Now, the gasp-worthy story is making national headlines.  

  • Cannon's post has garnered more than 1K reactions and 2.5K shares since he posted it on September 22.

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  • He elaborated about the incident to CBS: "I wasn't actually sure what it was or what was going on, but once I saw the baby move, just, my heart stopped, and I knew I had to do something."

    What he did was yell for neighbors to come and help him. "Someone actually came over, picked the child up, said it wasn't her child," he told CBS. "So we walked her over to the adjacent house, knocked on the door, the door was wide open. A toddler came and answered the door initially. Then the adult came. We explained to him what was going on and gave him his daughter back." 

  • Commenters on Cannon and CBS This Morning's Facebook pages were appalled and horrified.

  • Others praised Cannon and those who assisted him with the little girl.

  • Surprisingly, another commenter shared that he was involved in a similar scenario way back in the '70s.

    No matter if it's happened before, the incident is clearly worrisome. Thankfully, the little girl was unharmed and the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency is assisting in the investigation, according to WCBS.

    "Hopefully it doesn't happen again," Cannon told the news outlet. "It was like a shock to the system. You have to be more aware of your surroundings and be able to pay a little more attention to your children. That's basically what it comes down to."