Crude Stranger Tried to Sell a New Mom Weight-Loss Products & Wasn't Prepared for Her Epic Response

mom body shamed by sales rep
Jessica McArthur/Facebook

If you've ever thought about commenting on a new mom's body, here's a little tip: don't do it. In fact, don't comment on a mom's body, a pregnant woman's body, a bride's body, a teenager's body, a young girl's body, a middle-aged woman's body -- just don't comment on women's bodies, period. That's a good rule of thumb. Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten the memo, especially certain multilevel marketing representatives who, for some reason, think new moms are the perfect targets for selling weight-loss shakes, drinks, and supplements. Case in point: this Juice Plus rep who body-shamed a new mom for turning down her sales pitch.

  • Jessica McArthur, mom to a 10-month-old, took to Facebook to share an ugly encounter she had with a woman trying to shill weight loss products.

    Fed up with direct sales pitches, McArthur responded to the woman's message by telling her to "f*ck off." Maybe it wasn't the nicest choice of words, but neither is messaging someone to critique their body after they just had a baby.

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  • The seller persisted, saying she could help McArthur "get rid of the belly after a baby."

  • McArthur responded with a belly photo and told the woman she was rude.

  • Then, the seller dropped this body-shaming gem.

    McArthur told KidSpot the woman was a complete stranger. "I was shocked. It makes me wonder if Juice Plus reps are targeting people who they know will be insecure and vulnerable," she said.

  • The exchange quickly went viral, but surprisingly, people had mixed reactions.

    multi-level marketing rep body shames mom
  • Luckily, the majority of people recognized how messed up it is to message women who've just had babies about trying to lose weight.

    multi-level marketing rep body shames mom
  • multi-level marketing rep body shames mom
  • Some even shared stories of other instances in which they were body shamed by multilevel marketing reps.

    multi-level marketing rep body shames mom

    Jessica reported the incident to Juice Plus, which launched an investigation but claimed it couldn't find the seller in its database. Whether she really exists or this was just a sh*tty prank, this is clearly something that countless women have had to put up with. No matter what you're selling, it is not OK to try to shame other women into buying it.