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  • The only thing I could point to is the breast milk.

    Other people did the same things I did. Meditate. Rest. Exercise. Eat well. Have a positive attitude. I wasn’t doing anything different, except that I drank small amounts of my own breast milk.

    My theory is that my body harnessed the milk in the way it needed to fight cancer, whether it was through stem cells or other properties like HAMLET that have been shown to cause tumor death (see link below). It’s anecdotal evidence for now until research can catch up and test my theory.

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  • I would never suggest taking milk away from an infant. In my case, my son couldn’t drink it. 

    I had pumped in hopes that my son could have my milk again when treatment ended. I thought by drinking my milk, rather than dumping it down the sink, might help my immune system, or worst case scenario, do nothing. To my surprise, ingesting the milk produced by my very own body turned out to be helpful in my fight against cancer.

    I struck gold. Liquid gold.

    This post was written by Christa Wilkin and reprinted with permission.