Instead of Pulling Over, This Dad Filmed His Wife Giving Birth as He Kept on Driving

woman giving birth in the car

We've all heard the stories of women who can't wait and end up giving birth on the way to the hospital. But most likely, you've never seen it with your own eyes! Well seek and the internet shall deliver, as a video of one mom from McKinney, Texas, giving birth to her daughter during the ride over to the hospital has gone viral. And yes, the footage is completely wild.  

  • The video, which has gone viral online, is both hilarious and crazy. The family was invited on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain what happened

    Alexis and Domonique Swinney, who are now parents of five, told the late-night talk show host that although the ride to the hospital was only "12 to 15" minutes away, their newest daughter, Corbyn Hope, was ready to go at minute eight.

    Alexis explained that she had been put in the car by her midwife, who thought that she would be most comfortable resting her knees on her seat and facing the back windows. "I did not argue -- I mean I guess it was the most comfortable way I could have delivered that baby," Alexis said.

    In the video we can see Alexis screaming in pain. "Help me! What do I do?" she yells. 

    "Can you wait like two minutes?" her husband asked. "Hold on, hold on ... she's coming out?"

    But it was too late. Seconds later Alexis delivered their new baby girl and like that, internet history has been made. "We just delivered a baby in the car. I can’t believe that just happened,” Domonique said.

    On the late-night program, Jimmy joked with the couple about how crazy the experience must have been and asked what is inarguably the most important question about the video: "Why were you (Domonique) video taping? The whole time I'm watching I'm thinking Put the camera down and drive the car!" Which TBH, we sort of wondered ourselves.

    "That's what everyone says," Domonique told him.

    "Y'all can blame me," Alexis added. "I asked him, 'In case she's born in the car, take a video.'"

    "So you actually got out of the car with more kids than you had going in to it," Jimmy joked.

    The couple and their now five kids seem in good spirits (Jimmy even gave them a new car in case the old one was still had that "new baby smell"). On her Instagram account, The Swinney Seven, Alexis gets personal about what the experience was really like.

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  • "There was something beyond special, about getting to deliver my own baby," she explained. 

    "No doctors or nurses, no lights, or busy people, no one interrupting a moment that should be the most special moments for families as they bring life into the world," she said.

  • And although Alexis admitted that "the pain was there," the joy and peace that followed was "more rewarding than anything I could have asked for." 

    Alexis explained that she believes she was meant to give birth in her car because her "desire for a birth that was without interruption and full of hormones between baby and I" was "so deep." Which was an experience that the "hospital just couldn’t provide."

  • "I have no tears. I had my husband and children around me, and for five minutes we embraced everything that happened without any interruption." 

    And if you feel bad for the new mom, she explained that she feels no shame or remorse for not making it to the hospital in time to give birth. Other people "don’t understand that I just experienced something unrivaled to anything I could have imagined. I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands," she wrote. 

    "Our family has preferred a unique chaos," she said and added that giving birth in her car "was crazy. But it was amazing."

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