Emotional Photos Capture Toddler Seeing His Mom Wake Up from a Coma

Boy sees mom wake from a coma
Facebook/Donna Elliott

Ronnie Irvine, from Irvinestown, Ireland, couldn't hide his excitement as he patiently waited to see his mom for the first time in weeks. He had brought some gifts with him: a balloon, a card, and even a stuffed bear to celebrate the occasion. But unlike other trips to the hospital where a child might be visiting a new baby or an elderly relative, Ronnie's mom, Rachel Elliott, had survived a deadly car crash, been placed in a medically induced coma, and today was the day he was going to finally see her with her eyes open. The emotional reconciliation was captured by Ronnie's aunt, Donna Elliot, who wrote on Facebook,"/to say the least they were very happy to be reunited."

  • On August 19, 25-year-old Rachel Elliot was thrown from a car that crashed into a wall and a lamppost. 

    According to The Daily Mail, Ronnie's mom had been in a car that contained six adult passengers, including two 20-year-olds, Shiva Devine and Conall McAleer, who were killed and two other passengers who were seriously injured. 

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  • Rachel, who had sustained back, brain, and pelvis injuries from the crash, was later placed under an induced coma at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.

    In an interview with the Impartial Reporter, her sister Donna explained that seeing Rachel in the hospital was "heart-wrenching."

    “We are numb. It is a living nightmare. We just want her to pull through, we need her to pull through. She has to pull through for her wee boy," Donna said.

  • On Sunday, Donna finally heard her sister's voice for the first time in weeks and an emotional reconciliation was arranged between Rachel and Ronnie.

    Rachel had finally woken up from her coma, and though she has yet to leave the hospital, it was time for her son to see his mom for the first time in two and-a-half weeks. On September 3, Donna wrote on Facebook that she had "a very happy nephew on his way to see his mommy ... said he is going to see give u pink medicine to make u feel better."

  • In a photo that Rachel posted, you can see that Ronnie can hardly contain his excitement at the foot of his mother's hospital bed. 

  • And he even brought his mom some presents to mark the occasion.

  • Donna gushed on social media about the "mother and son time" that Ronna and Rachel were having; it was a "very emotional day," she said.

    In a later Facebook post on September 5, Donna wrote that after "a crazy 2 1/2 weeks," Rachel was going to be moved to a new hospital in Belfast "to get over her last hurdle."

    "It's been an absolute miracle she is here today with us," she continued. "Please keep Rachel in your prayers and thoughts and we will have her back home to wee Ronnie soon."

    "Ronnie needs her, when you look at him you see her. He misses his mommy terribly, we all do," she told the Impartial Reporter.

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