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  • And adorably, Jayne said that Peggy was super excited to receive something in the mail. "She said how she thought it was kind of her teacher too."

    Jayne says that the package makes her feel like "Peggy is in the safest of hands." 

    "Not just physically," she clarifies, "but mentally and emotionally too. I feel so touched and comforted by the thoughtfulness and kindness."

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  • Peggy's teacher even sent home a sweet note on the first day, telling parents that they'll work together "to help your child be the best they can be."

    Parents' note
    Jayne Hardy

    When Jayne dropped her daughter off in the morning, her teacher sent home the letter with a piece of candy because sometimes parents need a care package too! 

    Jayne says that she hopes that other parents who hear her story remember "to acknowledging how much of a big step this is for children (and parents!)," she says. "That's been so special."

    And says that Peggy's teacher's thoughtful gestures "really got us off on the right foot."

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