Mom Praises Teacher's 'Jitter Glitter' Surprise as the Sweetest Back-to-School Idea Yet

Jayne Hardy

Back-to-school time can be a tough time for kids and not just because they are going back to homework and tests. Especially if it's their first year, it can be scary to make new friends, meet your new teacher, or even get used to a new school. That's why one mom from Cornwall, England, is praising her daughter's teacher for mailing out special "Jitter Glitter" packages with a sweet note inside to help her students who might be nervous for the upcoming school year.

  • Mom Jayne Hardy posted a picture of the sweet parcel, which arrived at her house on the weekend before school started.

    Jayne, who runs a mental health charity called Blurt, tweeted that the package included a bag of "Jitter Glitter" and a poem, which told students, including Jayne's daughter Peggy, to place the glitter under her pillow so she'll "wake up feeling fresh and bright." 

    "The night before school is exciting and fun," the poem said. "With so many things that just have to be done. Your clothes are all ready, your shoes are too, And your classroom is ready with fun things to do. There are so many questions that go through your mind. All types of thoughts, some of every kind. The day before school we all get the jitters down deep, Making it really hard for us to fall asleep."

    The poem continued on to say that the Jitter Glitter will help students "sleep through the night" before sweetly reminding them that all of their new friends "can’t wait for school so we can see you." 

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  • Jayne wrote that she "couldn't believe how thoughtful" the package was.

    Speaking with CafeMom, Jayne says that her daughter Peggy was incredibly scared to start school today. "We had to do several induction days before the summer holidays because she was so worried," she says. 

    But the glitter seems to have worked its magic. The 4-year-old put her best foot forward as she walked into her first day of primary school. "She was so brave this morning," her mother describes.

    But Peggy also decided to play it safe for the future. Jayne tells us that "Peggy wouldn't let us use it all because she wanted to save some in case she gets the jitters again." Good thinking, Peggy!

  • And adorably, Jayne said that Peggy was super excited to receive something in the mail. "She said how she thought it was kind of her teacher too."

    Jayne says that the package makes her feel like "Peggy is in the safest of hands." 

    "Not just physically," she clarifies, "but mentally and emotionally too. I feel so touched and comforted by the thoughtfulness and kindness."

  • Peggy's teacher even sent home a sweet note on the first day, telling parents that they'll work together "to help your child be the best they can be."

    Parents' note
    Jayne Hardy

    When Jayne dropped her daughter off in the morning, her teacher sent home the letter with a piece of candy because sometimes parents need a care package too! 

    Jayne says that she hopes that other parents who hear her story remember "to acknowledging how much of a big step this is for children (and parents!)," she says. "That's been so special."

    And says that Peggy's teacher's thoughtful gestures "really got us off on the right foot."

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