Furious Mom Warns Parents After Girl Almost Died in a Hot Bus on First Day of Kindergarten

school bus

All parents worry about their kid on the first day of school. There are a million things that go through their mind, so having an uneasy feeling isn't uncommon. However, when one mom had a gut feeling that something was wrong on her daughter's first day of kindergarten, it turns out that she wasn't just being paranoid or worrying for nothing.

  • Twitter user Coley shared how a bus driver allegedly didn't do his job properly and as a result almost "killed" her daughter. 

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  • Coley's 5-year-old daughter ended up alone inside of a parked bus for three hours in 90-degree weather.

    According Coley, her daughter has a slight developmental delay and it was her first day of kindergarten. Coley shared in a later tweet that the bus makes multiple stops at different schools, so when there were no other kids on the bus her daughter's age, she didn't know when she should get off. 

    Mom said that bus drivers are supposed to check all of the seats before they leave the parked bus but claims this particular driver didn't.

    Coley shared with Scary Mommy that her daughter’s ankles are weak and that she’s worn braces in the past. "She also has little muscle tone in her mouth so she can’t speak completely clearly, but is not behind her peers intellectually," Coley said while explaining why her girl didn't leave on her own.

  • Coley was already feeling uneasy about the school day when she went to the school to drop off paperwork at 9 a.m.

    While Coley was there, there was no mention of her daughter missing or not being in class. So she assumed everything at school was fine. 

  • But around 11 a.m., Coley got a call saying her daughter was absent from school.

    After voicing that her daughter got on the bus at 7:30 a.m., the school said that her daughter probably got marked absent by accident. 

    After a long 40-minute wait, Coley got another call to say that they found her little girl on the bus.  "I. WAIT. ALMOST. 40. MINUTES. And this time it isn't the secretary. It's the superintendent of the bus depot. And he's PISSED. My child. My FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD was left alone on the bus," she wrote.

  • Coley bolted to the school to see her daughter, who was red and dripping in sweat. 

    The little girl was given water and was checked out by the school nurse. Thankfully, she was OK! 

    "She is thoroughly checked over by the nurse while the principal, bus superintendent, and I sit in a conference room discussing just what the actual f*ck happened," she added.

  • Coley soon realized how lucky they had been. Being locked in a hot bus for three hours could easily kill a child. 

    Sadly, babies and kids die from being stuck in hot cars for much shorter periods of time.

  • The bus driver was fired immediately. 

    And Coley's daughter was even healthy enough to stay at school for the rest of the day. "I ask her about her day when she gets home and she tells me about the bus. My heart breaks when she tells me that the only time she got scared was when she got cold. She wanted me. She cried for me. I hold her extra tight tonight," she wrote.

  • Coley shared a cautious reminder to parents to tell their kid's bus drivers to check every seat before leaving. 

    We are so happy that Coley's daughter turned out to be OK! This could have been a much more tragic story. 

    So parents, be sure to speak up to your child's bus driver and have a safe back-to-school season!