6-Year-Old Severely Beaten For Defending Friend From Bullies

Boy beaten up for defending friend against bullies
Facebook/Dana English

A mother is in tears for her child today after a group of neighborhood bullies reportedly viciously attacked her son for trying to stand up and defend his friend. Dana English was heartbroken after she returned from her lunch break and found her son, Carter, sitting in her doorway, bloody and alone. He said he had been badly injured during a beating. After a trip to the hospital, the mom told reporters at KOMO News that the experience has "been hell." She added, "I haven’t slept. I haven’t eaten. I can’t do anything. I can’t even leave his side.” But today she is speaking up for her child so that no parent will have to witness the heartbreaking result of when bullying turns dangerous.

  • Carter, who is 6, was allegedly jumped by a group of neighborhood kids who threw sticks and rocks at him. He said they rubbed sawdust into his eyes.

    According to KOMO News the incident happened on August 22 at around 5 p.m. The Daily Mail reports that Carter, who is on the autism spectrum, was confronting a group of at least six, possibly seven, kids who were picking on a friend at his apartment complex in Olympia, Washington. 

    The kids then reportedly turned their attention to Carter. He said they began to throw rocks and sticks at him, and even rubbed sawdust in his eyes. When his mother, Dana, came home for her lunch break she found her son with numerous injuries including two fractures in his elbow, a lacerated eye, and several cuts and bruises on his face.

    "I'm not really sure what made them stop," Dana told KOMO News. "I came back from work, because I work two blocks away, and he was sitting on the front steps covered in blood."

    Carter told reporters that the kids were "bullying" his friend, "like beating him up. I just told them to stop ... and then they did it to me.”

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  • Dana rushed her son to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and underwent emergency surgery to repair the gash along his eye. 

    The mother told reporters that surgeons were afraid that Carter was going to lose his eye, but they were ultimately able to save it. She also said that during the surgery, doctors found rocks and debris in the wound.

    Olympia police are now investigating the attack and have identified at least one 5-year-old who was involved. They had originally taken the case to a prosecutor, but agreed that because of the ages of the bullies that they will be pursuing the case with social services.

    Carter is now home recuperating from his injuries, but he still may need surgery on his arm. He told his mother that he "didn't understand why anybody would hurt him," and that "he was just trying to help." 

    "I really don’t know what I’m hoping for other than for people to know that this is not acceptable,” Dana told reporters. “Bullying is not OK. There’s no reason to bully someone, ever."

    Dana has started a GoFundMe account to pay for her son's hospital expenses.