This Giant Mural is Giving Breastfeeding Moms the Visibility & Praise They Deserve

smug breatfeeding mural

Breastfeeding moms and advocates across social media are praising Australian street artist Sam Bates, also known as Smug, for his latest work: a giant mural of a woman breastfeeding her son. The public art display is in Glasgow, Scotland, on a wall at the corner of High Street and George Street, according to the Daily Mail
  • The giant mural, which took more than a week to paint, is said to be Saint Mungo being breastfed by his mother, Saint Enoch.

    Saint Mungo is the patron saint and founder of the City of Glasgow, making the mural a perfect tribute to the city.

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  • And of course people across the Internet are amazed with the amount of effort and talent put into this giant masterpiece. 

  • Some took special notice to the fact that the baby in the image doesn't appear to be a newborn. 

    It seems to be a celebration of women nursing older babies and toddlers, in public, which many moms are often shamed for. 

  • People who have seen the mural both in person and online have praised it as a "tribute to all mothers." 

    A woman named Kathi shared on Instagram

    "I'm so in love with the new @smugone mural in Glasgow! It shows Saint Enoch (aka the mother of Glasgow) cradling baby Saint Mungo, the patron saint of the city. But to me it's also just a big fat tribute to all mothers and giving them an unmissable spot in the public eye. Well done."

    We would definitely love to see it in person! 

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