This School's Genius Fundraiser Gets What Busy Parents Really Want

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Briana Leggett Woods/Facebook

Parents have a lot going on. They often work full time, drive their kids everywhere, have to keep up the household while also trying to find time to take care of themselves once in a while. Not to mention, they typically don't have limitless budgets. And that's exactly why the Auburn High School Parent Teacher Organization in Auburn, Alabama, came up with the genius idea of allowing parents to "opt out" of the often dreaded fundraising events for the entire year. The school's PTO sent out a fundraising letter for the 2018-19 school year explaining the "opt out" options -- and people have mixed feelings about it. 

  • Parent Briana Leggett Woods shared the letter on Facebook, praising the PTO for its clever idea. 

    In the post, which has since gone viral, Briana wrote: "Thank you to Auburn High School!! Where has this been the past 11 years of school life with my kids?!?" 

    According to the comical letter, for a $15 donation, parents will still be included in PTO emails. For $25, parents can buy the freedom of opting out of all calls, emails, and sign-ups. And for $50 or more, the PTO will "forget" the parents name and face and "not ask for anything else all year." 

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  • Many parents agree that this is a glorious idea. 

  • The comments were flooded with parents wishing their kids' schools offered an "opt out" fundraiser as well. 

  • However, not everyone is onboard with the idea. 

    Some feel this method teaches kids "they don't need to work for anything because it will be handed to them." 

  • Others think it's "damaging" to the community. 

  • We totally get that parents are busy people, so we think this could be a really good solution for some families! 

    Honestly, the "forget my name and face" option doesn't sound too bad! 

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