Video of Boy's Reflection Walking Away -- Without Him -- Is Freaking the Internet Out

Boy's reflection

We've all experienced something we can't explain. The shadow out of the corner of our eyes, the creepy feeling on the back of your neck, or the unexplainable shadow in a photo. But what one mom from San Antonio, Texas, captured in a video of her son is unlike anything we've ever watched. In the eerie clip, you'll see her son's reflection walk away from the mirror before he does. What?! The spooky video has gone viral online, with many users on Twitter completely shook about what exactly they were seeing. 

  • The video, which has been liked over 178K times, shows the small child making faces at himself in the mirror. 

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  • But then something pretty strange happened...

  • The boy's reflection seems to walk away before he starts to move away -- and we aren't the only ones who see it...

    It there another dimension on the other side of the mirror? Does he have a secret twin? Is this witchcraft?

    We need answers.

  • Social media was similarly confused.

  • "I've never heard of a mirror that's got a .5 second delay," one user wrote.

    Nobody could seem to find an explanation.

  • Most people were really, really freaked out by the whole thing.

  • Though one helpful Twitter user guessed that the trick was caused by the angle of the mirror.

  • But part of us likes thinking that there's something else going on...

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