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  • As most parents know, a size 6X is the size kids wear when they've just barely made it out of the toddler section.

    calvin klein bras for girls
    Angela Fellars/Facebook

    According to a Calvin Klein sizing guide, a 6X is intended for kids who are 47 inches tall and between 50 and 53 pounds. As Fellars points out in her post, most kids that size are still small enough to ride in a convertible car seat. It's pretty unlikely that many of them need a padded bra.

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  • Fellars' post voiced the frustration many parents are feeling as they try to find back-to-school clothes for their daughters.

    calvin klein bras for girls

    If your child happens to be tall for her age, the offerings in the clothing section usually look more appropriate for teenagers than awkward elementary schoolers who just happen to have long legs.

  • Others said their kids have grandparents who gift them with padded bras and underwire.

    I'm 31 years old and I barely want to wear a padded bra with underwire. Let the kids enjoy these magic years when they don't have to worry about that stuff!

  • Of course, some pointed out that the padding could have a practical purpose.

    calvin klein bras

    Namely, hiding nipples so kids don't feel embarrassed. There's definitely an argument to be made for a slightly thicker style of training bra that helps kids avoid this discomfort. My 6-year-old wears little sports bras for the same reason.

  • That said, the padding on these bras looks a little more substantial than just "nipple covering."

    calvin klein sports bras

    Every kid develops at a different rate, and we never want to shame a girl for the type of bra she wears or for how her breasts look. But we should also be weary of sending young girls the message that they need to worry about the size and shape of their breasts before they're even out of a car seat with a five-point harness.

    Padding exists as an added layer of protection, sure. But it also exists to give boobs a distinct shape. And maybe, just maybe, a kid who's still rocking a size 6X has better things she should be worrying about.

    A Calvin Klein rep did not immediately respond to CafeMom's request for comment.

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