Girl Gives Her Brothers Back to School 'Haircuts' & the Results Have Us Cry-Laughing

funny kid haircut stories

During the week before school starts, most of us are scrambling around trying to find last year's lunch boxes and making sure we bought enough glue sticks when we went school supply shopping. But Chris Cate, a dad who runs the popular Facebook page The Parent Normal, has some bigger problems to iron out. Yesterday when the house got quiet, the dad assumed his three kids were busy tending to their new hermit crabs. In reality, his 9-year-old daughter, Ava, was giving her two younger brothers some seriously wild new haircuts.

  • "I'm looking sharp!" Cate recalls his 6-year-old, Cameron, saying as he ran out of his bedroom.

    "I didn’t know what he was talking about at first," Cate tells CafeMom. "It looked like maybe he had slicked his hair back with gel or something. But then he tells me his sister cut his hair. And as I look closer, it’s clear he barely has any hair on the front of his hairline, the back of his hair has been chopped up, and he has big gaps of missing hair on the top of his head."

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  • Oh my.

  • Upon investigation, Cate saw his 4-year-old, Colton, also had a new 'do and the closet -- the scene of the crime -- was littered with clumps of hair.

  • The chop job was so bad it required a trip to the barber shop for a professional fix.

    "Cameron’s hair had to be buzzed all over because there were too many spaces where the hair was basically cut down to the scalp," Cate tells CafeMom. "Colton’s hair didn’t need to be entirely buzzed. However, you can still tell in some spots that the haircut incident took place."

    Cameron, who starts school next week, is liking his new buzzcut, but Cate's a little worried that he hasn't learned his lesson.

    "He asked me if he could get another buzzcut. I said maybe next summer. He replied he would just have Ava cut his hair again so he could get it buzzed. So while I thought he learned his lesson, maybe next time I’ll have to leave it the way his sister cuts it so he has to go longer than a couple of hours looking so crazy," he joked to CafeMom.

  • Luckily, Cate is not the first parent to go through this. In the comments on his Facebook post, tons of parents shared their own kid haircut stories.

    One woman wrote simply, "I'm a preschool teacher. I see this all the time."

    “The reaction on Facebook and Instagram has been crazy," Cate tells CafeMom. "Apparently everybody has had this happen to them or know somebody who has done it. So I guess it was just a matter of time before it happened in our house.”

    Cate said the whole thing is too funny for him to be upset but, he warns, "It just better not happen again." LOL.