Mom Harassed for Breastfeeding 'Near' Teen Boys -- Because They Shouldn't See 'That'

Suzie Ramirez
Suzie Ramirez/Facebook

While Suzie Ramirez's two children were getting their teeth cleaned, she sat in the dentist's waiting room with her husband and breastfed her daughter. Although the Georgia mom had picked a spot where she felt comfortable, that apparently didn't matter to the office receptionist, who approached Suzie with a blanket. The mom originally thought it was a kind gesture in case the baby was cold, but when this mama realized it was intended to cover her up, she had her husband start filming the upsetting exchange. The reason for this fellow woman's confrontation was that there were two teenage boys in the waiting room. She wanted Suzie to nurse with a cover or go to a different area -- because they shouldn't be exposed to a breast. 

  • Suzie posted about her breastfeeding interaction at A Confident Smile in Georgia -- complete with video backing her up.

    In the now-viral video, an employee, who identified herself as the office practice manager, explained that because this is a professional environment, she didn't find the mom breastfeeding without a blanket to be appropriate. In the mostly empty waiting room were two boys with their dad, and the woman seemed to be more concerned with their comfort -- even though in the video they weren't even paying attention -- than this breastfeeding mom's comfort. 

    "This is Dr. Patrick’s office and her policy is we try to make it the most pleasant experience for everyone involved," the woman can be heard saying.

    "But I don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding the baby here. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong," Suzie responds. "I’m not just putting my boob in the air where everyone can see it. I’m breastfeeding my baby."

    The woman says that maybe when Suzie's children are older, she'll understand why breastfeeding in front of teenage boys is a problem, but this mom stood her ground. "There’s nothing wrong with me doing this with my teenager watching, I mean, they need to know that babies eat," she says.

    But that wasn't enough for the employee, who didn't let up. "Do you understand what I’m saying? To them, they’re not looking at you as breastfeeding when they’re 10, 11, 12, 13 year olds..." she says.

    Suzie then told the woman that she even went out of her way to ask the boys and their dad if they had any problem with her breastfeeding and they all answered no. "[Your husband] had to be 13 at one time. Do you think he at 13 would have said to a woman with her breast out, ‘Oh put it away!’" the employee says. "It’s not comfortable for them. The father felt embarrassed saying something to you." 

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  • Suzie tells the woman, "I was raised that it's normal. I was just breastfeeding my baby." 

    Suzie's baby girl doesn't like to nurse with a blanket over her, and considering that breastfeeding in public is legal all 50 states, she didn't see a problem with discreetly feeding her child. However, after this woman shamed her and made such a big deal that teenage boys shouldn't be exposed to such a thing, she had to share on Facebook to see if others agree that there's absolutely nothing sexual about breastfeeding.    

  • Countless people are taking Suzie's side and agreeing that anyone bothered by breastfeeding can leave.

    "I'd tell her to f*ck off and to remind her of the laws and how in some states, you could actually sue her for harassment!!!" another person added.

  • And feel that it's good for boys to see moms breastfeeding so they can learn to respect a woman and her body.

    "This woman should be ashamed of herself, and honestly those boys were probably effing fine," another user wrote. "They can learn to look away if they don’t like or feel comfortable with things AND can learn that we as woman are not just sexual objects." 

  • These supporters are quick to point out that boys also need to learn the truth early: they have the ability to control themselves around women.

    "I hope every kid in American has the benefit of seeing a mother breastfeeding her baby so that they know what the intended purpose for breasts is! Should a teenage boy see you breastfeeding, hell yea!!" one person commented.

    "Those boys would have just learned that breasts aren't there for their enjoyment but made for a purpose," another added.

  • However, other people see both sides and understand why the receptionist was speaking up.

    "Although it’s perfectly natural I was very modest and extra modest around men or boys that I didn’t know. I wouldn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable whether that be me or the people around me. My baby is going to be fed no matter where I am sitting," one user wrote.

  • Others see absolutely nothing wrong the the employee's actions.

  • Dr. Sharon Patrick's office has since responded with a statement on its website.

    Patrick added that this is the first time someone was offended by their breastfeeding "offerings" and she wishes that the situation had been handled differently. "But we must take this and learn from it," she wrote. "This has occurred during National Breastfeeding Month and we are using this opportunity as a learning experience to educate our employees on the importance and value of breastfeeding. A Confident Smile values confidence -- be it about your teeth or choosing to breastfeed your baby."