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  • The problem is that intentionally holding your pee to chase the Big O (or Big P, if you will) is really bad for your bladder.

    According to Dr. Michael Huckabee from the University of Nebraska, holding your pee in every once in a while isn't that big of a deal. But routinely holding it in too long can start to disrupt your bladder's natural signals that let you know when it's too full. 

    Elder also warns that, over time, holding pee too long can increase the risk of urinary tract infections and can even stretch your bladder, in some cases causing irreparable damage. “There are more practical and more pleasurable ways to have an orgasm,” she said. “My advice is to try something a bit more old-fashioned.”

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  • Look, we totally get the appeal of having orgasms in any form.

    But be careful out there, ladies. Your bladder is counting on you.