Genius Swimsuits for Girls Solve a Major Problem & We're Obsessed

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We've all been that parent waiting in line to use the bathroom with our little one when they just couldn't hold it anymore. And the problem only gets worse during the summer when the tricky bathing suits girls wear take more time to remove than most parents have. That is why a new product made by two moms who saw themselves struggling to peel off one-pieces at the pool when their little ones needed to go is absolutely genius. 

  • These brilliant bathing suits for girls use magnetic snaps, which completely change bathroom trips.

    Created by Jill Slater and Alexis Castellano, the idea for Fasten came when the moms couldn't find a good fix for how to get their daughters out of their suits fast enough when it was bathroom time.

    On their website, the moms wrote that they tried a variety of different solutions that didn't work. "We started putting our girls in two-pieces and tankinis, but the two-piece suits didn't provide enough coverage, and the tankinis never seemed to fit properly (saggy bottoms!)."

    And speaking with Style Insider, Jill said her daughter's counselors at camp would constantly forget to put sunscreen on her daughter's stomach, causing "the ring of fire."

    "The other thing is that when these girls would go to the bathroom, their [two-piece] bottoms would end up around their ankles on the dirty bathroom floor," she adds. So the women decided to take matters into their own hands and created a suit that would have the convenience of a two-piece but wouldn't get dirty or fall down.
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  • Inside the waist of every Fasten suit is a set of hidden snaps that mom or kid can release when it's potty time. 

  • There's an additional set of magnets that holds up the bottoms while your little one is doing her thing.

  • Once she's done, she simply reattaches the top and bottom -- it's that easy! 

    The Fasten swimsuit is sold in sizes from 6 months to 10 years and comes in a wide array of patterns. Suits cost $25 (originally $34 to $36). The moms also revealed that they're even working on a version for mothers! 

  • Now hopefully your kids won't be like this guy next time they're at the pool!

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