Stranger's Kindness Towards a 3-Year-Old With Autism Brings His Mom to Tears

Tesco Toddler
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Parents of kids with autism know that not everyone is able to give them the kindness and patience they need and it can be a heartbreaking struggle when they don't. That is why when one grocery store delivery man went out of his way to befriend 3-year-old Tommy, his mom couldn't forget it. After the surprising interaction, Lauren Browne reached out to the grocery store chain, Tesco, and personally wrote a thank-you message on the company's Facebook page. It quickly went viral with many users enchanted over this sweet story of compassion.

  • Lauren, who usually gets her groceries delivered, shared what happened the last time her delivery man came.

    The mom from England shared that she didn't even know the delivery man's name, but when he got to her door, he was friendly to her child. However, he quickly noticed that her son wasn't responding to his questions and his reaction was different than most strangers'. 

    "Are you not up for talking today wee man?" the delivery man had asked.

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  • Lauren explained to the man that her 3-year-old Tommy had autism and was nonverbal, meaning that he probably wouldn't want to chat.

    According to Lauren's post, most people would have felt uncomfortable with the revelation and perhaps would have chosen to not acknowledge her son any further. " However," she wrote, "this wonderful gentlemen then started handing light items to my son who happily took them and followed me to put them down next to the rest of the shopping."

    "Once we had all of our shopping inside, I signed for the shopping and your delivery driver got down onto his knees and asked my son to sign for our shopping too. He knelt down whilst my son happily drew away on the electrical pad then helped him click the 'finished' button."

  • Most people would have ignored Lauren's son, but by choosing to figure out a new way to communicate with him, the delivery man had made her day.

    Speaking with The Daily Mail, Lauren explained that her son was only diagnosed with autism in January, and his doctors say that he is developmentally the same as an 18-month-old. That is why when the delivery man treated her son like a normal 3-year-old, it changed her entire day. "He treated Tommy like a normal person and no different to before he knew he had autism," she said. "He wasn't shocked by it which was really nice. It was lovely for him to be included."

    She added that "a lot of people don't really understand [autism] but he was really lovely. It was quite nice to watch. We don't really see a lot of people interacting with Tommy on that level."

  • Although it was such a simple act of kindness, it was also something that this mom and her child aren't used to.

  • And now Lauren is using her story to inspire others to have similar reactions to kids with autism.

    Lauren's story has been shared more than 1,600 times online and has more than 10,000 reactions on the Tesco Facebook page. Initially in Lauren's post, she said that she wanted to "just wanted to give this lovely man some recognition," but after speaking with The Daily Mail, the British mom said that she is hoping that this heartwarming tale could have a larger impact. 

    "When people learn about his autism, they tend to shy away from it and talk to me instead but I appreciate it can be difficult for people," she said. "I just hope that everybody with additional needs can be accepted for who they are and that more people learn how such a simple gesture can really mean so much to somebody."

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