Mom Shares Chilling Warning After a Stranger Claiming to Be From CPS Showed Up at Her House

Ashley Bradley
Ashley Bradley

Ashley Bradley had just put her little boy down for a nap on Wednesday afternoon when there was an unexpected knock at her door. The mom from New York wasn't expecting any visitors, which is why the woman on her doorstep caught her off guard. But when she opened the door, this stranger announced that she was from Child Protective Services and was there to take Bradley's 9-month-old son away.


Bradley tells CafeMom that the woman claimed to be from a different county and she had no idea what to think about this surprise visit at first. "When I first heard her words, it was like my ears were ringing," she says.

But then her mom instinct kicked in and she quickly realized that something didn't seem right. "At first I was so mad and hurt I wasn't thinking right but the[n] I realized that she 1. Didn't have a state issued badge, 2. My son's name was spelled wrong on the folder she had in her hand and 3. I have no cps cases so they would not have been coming to my house," she wrote on Facebook.

So instead of handing over her child, Bradley started demanding answers. "When I asked her for proof of who she is, she got an attitude and stated, 'I just told [you] who I am," she wrote. "I then told her I was going to call the police and went to get my phone she was standing on my porch as I would not let her into my home. When I walked back out into my living room from getting my phone she was walking very fast around the corner of my house..."

Ashley Bradley
Ashley Bradley

Bradley immediately went to check to make sure that her baby was still safely sleeping in his crib. She then contacted the police, who arrived shortly after but by that time, the unknown woman was already gone. "He said people come from different countries and states kidnap kids and traffic them it does not matter what the age..." she wrote. "Sooo this mom is going to make sure her baby is safe and for anyone who experiences this, lock your door, call the cops, and keep your kids with u till they get there."

Understandably, Bradley is still shaken and has decided that her son will stay somewhere else for a few days. "Until I can get my house set up to where 'if' someone attempts to [come] in and take my child, they will leave in a body bag!!!!" she added.

According to Bradley, police are still investigating the incident and since sharing her experience on Facebook, other parents have reached out with similar experiences. "I don't know how she targeted us," she says. "Parents, keep your kids close."

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