This 2-Year-Old's Birthday Cake Fail Is Seriously Inappropriate

birthday cake topper

Have you ever caught a design flaw that really makes you laugh? Well, that's exactly what happened when this Reddit user went to a friend's 2-year-old's birthday party and realized that the cake topper said a naughty word when you looked at it from behind. The hilarious design flaw has the internet cracking up and some snarky users, who clearly aren't friends of the terrible 2s, joined in on the fun. "Ever deal with a two year old?" one user wrote, "Well then you know how accurate this can be..."

  • From the front, the cake looks perfectly adorable.

    You can't really go wrong with a pink cake that has a blue accent. That is, unless you take a look at the cake from the back....

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  • Once the cake is turned around, however, it sort of looks like the cake is sending a slightly different message...

    Does that say ... hmmmmm...

  • Many users were perplexed by this clear lack in foresight by the cake topper makers.

  • But parents piled on to the joke that the little ones would never understand. 

  • Because toddlers aren't always the nicest people.

  • Many parents pointed out that 3-year-olds are sassy AF.

  • And even a preschool coordinator confirmed it: 3-year-olds are savage.

    The mom of the 2-year-old in question had also posted a photo of the hilarious topper on her Instagram and seemed to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. "Subversive children’s cakes," she captioned her post before hilariously tagging the photo "#happythatshecantreadit" and "#savage."

  • No serious harm done, and lesson learned: Check the cake from all angles first!