Teen Survives After Getting Sucked into a Riptide for 10 Hours During Family Beach Trip

teen survives riptide

 A Louisiana teen was caught in a riptide Tuesday night, after taking a walk on the beach while on a family vacation. After getting pulled into the ocean, Blake Spataro spent more than ten hours fighting for his life at sea before rescue workers were able to find him. Luckily, he's maintained his sense of humor. "Worst vacation ever," he told reporters, "But also my most exciting [one] ever.”


According to CBS News, 19-year-old Blake Spataro was on vacation at Simons Island on the Georgia coast when the incident happened. On Tuesday night the teen decided to take a walk along the beach but when he didn't return, police started to suspect that he had been taken off shore.

"I was out there sitting by the shore when a riptide washes me straight into the ocean," Spataro told ActionJax News.  He told reporters that the current was strong and despite his best efforts, he couldn't make it back to shore. 

"I didn’t want to die out there. I was talking to God the entire night," Spataro explained. According to The Epoch Times, Spataro spent more than 10 hours alone at sea. 

Meanwhile back on land, The U.S. Cost Guard and other agencies were searching overnight for Spataro. The Telegraph reports that Spataro's mother put a call out for prayers on her Facebook late Tuesday night. "Please I am asking for prayers for my 19 year old son Blake who took a walk down the beach in Brunswick Georgia and never came back with the rest of the kids. He has been missing for about 3 hrs now," she wrote on her post.

Facebook post
Facebook/Janice Dansby Spataro

The Epoch Times reported that Spataro could not be heard by rescue workers over the sound of the waves. 

"I was screaming, I was hollering, I was looking," Spataro said. But unfortunately, helicopters and boats missed the teen who was treading in the water.  In some pretty impressive mental fortitude, Spataro kept himself going by thinking about his fate. "I wanted to live, I wanted to live, I was too young to die and I didn’t want it to end there," he told reporters. "That gave me some comfort and gave me some motivation to keep going.”

Which is exactly what he did. Early Wednesday morning, Spataro finally struck land, washing up on the Ocean Forest golf course on Sea Island. The Telegraph reports that Spataro had been floating for three miles total. 

ActionJax News

Once Blake landed at the golf course, employees found him food and water while he waited for paramedics to arrive on the scene. 

"I’ve been in the Coast Guard for 18 years and I have never seen anything like this," Justin Irwin, a senior chief with the U.S. Coast Guard in Brunswick, told reporters.

Despite his long swim, Spataro sustained no injuries and will make a full recovery. 

Speaking of his miraculous survival Spataro told reporters that “I am truly blessed to be alive today."

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