Build-A-Bear Is Doing Serious Damage Control After the Epic 'Pay Your Age Day' Disaster

Build-A-Bear line

Thousands of customers walked away from Build-A-Bear stores disappointed yesterday, after learning that the special “Pay Your Age Day” promotion had been cancelled due to overcrowding in lines and concerns over customer safety. Many parents had stood in line from hours and had taken off from work to receive the discounted price, and were frustrated when they learned that their efforts had been for nothing. Today, the company is trying to make amends for the flub, issuing out $15 vouchers to Bonus Club members and apologizing for disappointing little kids who just wanted the chance to get a new toy.

  • Many parents documented the absolute chaos that surrounded them as they waited in line to receive their "Pay Your Age Day" Promotion.

    According to the initial press release, the concept had been simple. On July 12, any child could go into Build-A-Bear stores and pay their age for the price of a new stuffed animal. And while this amazing deal caused a frenzy for parents and kids alike, many customers seemed to miss the fact that this promotion was for Bonus Club members only. 

    On the day of the event, crowd numbers soared into the thousands and amidst fears for customer safety Build-A-Bear corporate shut down lines and cancelled the promotion for remaining customers -- despite how long they had been waiting in line.

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  • As a way to make amends to their customers, Build-A-Bear is now issuing $15 vouchers and an apology.

    In a statement posted on the Build-A-Bear Workshop website, the company admits that the response to the promotion had been "overwhelming." Adding that before the event, "we could not have predicted this reaction to our Pay Your Age Day event."

    "We understand that many guests were turned away as, due to safety concerns created by the crowds, authorities in certain locations closed Build-A-Bear stores," the statement said. "And, in other locations, we were forced to limit the line. Unfortunately, given these circumstances, we were unable to serve all of our guests for the Pay Your Age Day event."

    On Friday, Build-A-Bear CEO, Sharon Price John even went on The Today Show, where she apologized for their poor planning. "I am sorry that we were not able to provide the service that we wanted," she said. "We are doing our very best and we are staying very focused on making sure that we do the best we can to make it right for people."

    Which right now includes giving disappointed customers vouchers to cover some of the expenses for a new toy.

    According to USA Today, to redeem your Build-A-Bear voucher you must create a Bonus Club account by Monday July 15th at midnight. In your account you'll find a redeemable coupon, which will only be viable for one voucher per account. Simply print or screenshot your voucher and use it by August 31, 2018 .The voucher will be good for in-store purchases only.

  • Although the offer is a valiant attempt to mend wounds, some costumers are still mad that they aren't getting the original promotion. 

  • Some slam the voucher as "unacceptable" because "$15 off isn't the same deal."

  • While Build-A-Bear scrambles to correct their mistake, we guess it's safe to say that next year the promotion will probably go a little bit differently.