Mom Calls Out the 1 Thing Parents Always Forget While Shopping for School Supplies

School supplies
Brittany Jackson

Today I went school supply shopping for my daughters, one in kindergarten, one in second grade. I managed to get nearly everything in one place, minus some fancy kindergarten composition books that I'll no doubt find at a different store. Today, I spent $150 on the supplies. 


School supplies
Brittany Jackson

My frugal mind kind of balked as the cart began filling up. It seemed like so much. 
But then, as I'm grabbing the sixth pack of glue sticks, that still, small voice crept in:

"Your child's teacher will spend way more than this, of their own money, on their students, in just one quarter of the year. 

When your child is struggling, their teacher is going to go home with your child's face in their mind, wondering how they can help your child succeed tomorrow. When your child is a total snot, interrupts class, speaks out of turn, asks to go to the bathroom for the 87th time, and says 'I'm bored'.... their teacher is going to go home, maybe drink a glass of wine, get up the next morning, and teach your child as if the day before never happened. 

Your child's teacher doesn't just have two children...they have 15...or more. And they love them. Protect them. Guide them. Pray for them. Your child's teacher is a blessing. Their school is a blessing. This... this cost, is nothing." 

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to go school supply shopping.

This post was written by Brittany Jackson and was reprinted with permission. 

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