Build-a-Bear Cancelled Their 'Pay Your Age' Day & Parents Are Pissed


Every parent knows that a trip to Build-A-Bear can seriously add up once you factor in not only a fury best friend but all of the adorable accessories. That's why many excited families were ready to make a beeline to the mall when Build-A-Bear announced their amazing "Pay Your Age Day" deal. The promotion which allowed kids to pick up a new toy at a fraction of the cost seemed too good to be true and now it turns out that it is. That's why thousands of angry customers are straight up pissed after the beloved store announced that it couldn't honor the promotion, citing overcrowding at stores and "safety concerns." Now parents are lashing out online, telling the company that not only are they disappointed to not be cashing in on the amazing promotion, but also that they're mad at how poorly planned the deal was.

  • The drama started when Build-A-Bear released an urgent statement telling parents that lines were closed for the "Pay Your Age Day" event.

    The idea for the promotion had been simple. On July 12, kids could go into any Build-A-Bear workshop location and purchase a stuffed animal that costs the same amount as how old they are. According to the original instructions on the Build-A-Bear website, however, this promotion was only meant for Bonus Club members...a fact that they seemingly failed to mention to the general public. And is why THOUSANDS of parents showed up at stores, instead of only Bonus Club members.

    At around 12 p.m., Build-A-Bear finally had to admit defeat and posted a message to their Facebook page saying that because the crowds had gotten so large, the event had become a safety hazard.

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  • When parents found out that they weren't getting the deal, they went ballistic.

  • Some parents had traveled from far away to get a stuffed animal for their kids.

  • And other parents were pissed that they had planned to take their kids out of activities like camp to take advantage of the deal.

  • Mostly, they were mad that they had to disappoint their kids.

  • However, not every mom was mad at the company. Some were annoyed at other moms and thought that other parents needed to "grow up."

  • And this mom worried that if parents didn't stop complaining, Build-A-Bear wouldn't run the promotion again.

    On Facebook, many users wrote in with why they thought the plan had gone south. Some even suggest that the promotion should have been "pay your age on your birthday," which would have still brought in tons of new customers and boosted Bonus Club memberships, but would have spread out the traffic throughout the year. While others wanted the company to reimburse them with a voucher for a later date.

    As of now, Build-A-Bear has yet to announce how exactly they are going to make it up to costumers.