'Neighbor From Hell' Calls Cops on Boy Mowing Lawn & Still Stands By Her Decision

Lucille Holt's Facebook video
Lucille Holt/Facebook

A woman in Maple Heights, Ohio is defending the 12-year-old entrepreneur after a neighbor called the police on him because he accidentally mowed a strip of her grass. Lucille Holt-Colden had hired 12-year-old Reggie Fields and his siblings to cut her lawn and was outraged when the police showed up at her door. According to Holt-Colden, this isn't the first time that her neighbors have called the police on her for innocent incidents involving kids and told she The New York Times that they are "the neighbors from hell."

  • Holt-Colden first hired Reggie after she saw him and his team outside of a local store with their equipment.

    Reggie, a boy with an entrepreneurial spirit and free time this summer, had started his lawn mowing business with his cousins and his siblings. He called the enterprise, Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service and set out to make some money while school is out.  

    "Everybody who knows Reggie loves Reggie," his mom, Brandy Fields, told The New York Times. She also said that the boy is known for being outgoing.

    After Holt-Colden first spotted Reggie and his crew with their yard tools, she was so impressed that she hired the children on the spot..

    On June 23, Holt-Colden posted a video to Facebook Live and recorded the young entrepreneurs giving them lots of praise. "When you see some young people at the store with their equipment and you tell them to follow you home😊" she wrote on the video's caption.

    Obviously smitten, Holt-Colden said on the video, “all young people ain’t out here doing wrong.”

    And as the kids worked away to make her lawn look neat and trimmed, she boasted again on the video (which has over 19, 000 views), “I’m so loving it."

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  • But things quickly took a turn for the worst, when Reggie and his team accidentally mowed a strip of Holt-Colden's neighbor's lawn.

    In a second video posted to Facebook Live, Holt-Colden was not as cheerful. According to the video, police showed up after Reggie and his team accidentally went too far and mowed a strip of lawn that was no longer part of Holt-Colden's property. When she saw the police car pull up, Holt-Colden said she immediately knew which neighbor made the call to authorities.

    "They called the police to tell the police that the kids was cutting their grass," Holt-Colden said in the video, "Who does that? Who calls the police for everything?"

  • According to The New York Times, the kids had been working for 30 minutes when Linda Krakora called the cops.

    "I thought they were going to punish me for cutting the grass," Reggie told The New YorkTimes on Saturday.

    Furious that her neighbor would call authorities over the four children hard at work, Holt-Colden believes that the incident was "racially motivated.” And added that "If they would have been four white children, the police would not have been called.” 

    The police left the scene and confirmed to The New York Times that no action was taken.

    However, Holt-Colden also revealed that this wasn't the first time that her neighbors had alerted authorities on her for seemingly innocent incidents. She said that the neighbors, Linda and Randy Krakora, have called the police on her five times since she started renting the house next door to them in October. Holt-Colden said that these incidents ranged from her kids having a snowball fight to an incident where her son parked his car on the grass in her backyard.

    The tension was so bad, that once police arrived at her door Holt-Coden said, "I automatically knew who was calling."

  • However, Linda Krakora defended herself to thinks it's actually Holt-Colden who is the bad neighbor.

    "The police were not called on the young boy -- the police were called on the garbage I have next door," Krakora told The New York Times. Krakora and her family have lived in their home for 30 years and told reporters that the beef between the two houses had gotten so bad that "we called the police to ask the woman to have the kids stop mowing on our property because we can’t talk to her.”

    And added that when her husband made the call, it was not about race. "I don’t have an issue with color or I would have moved years ago," she said. 

  • But most people on Facebook don't seem to be buying Krakora's excuse. With one user calling the move "petty."

  • And many are praising Reggie for his work ethic because "the world needs more kids like Mr. Reggie."

  • Because the only thing Reggie deserves is a "thank you" for his services. 

    In fact, in the only silver lining to the story, there has actually been a huge uptick of work for Reggie and his team. After seeing the story online (the video has been viewed nearly 560, 000 times) people are rushing to give Reggie their business.

    "People are inboxing me like, 'how can I get in touch with this children?" Colt-Holden told WEWS-TV. "Where are they at? I got property I want these kids to cut."

    Colt-Holden even started a GoFundMe for Reggie's business, so that the kids could expand by buying a shed to hold their equipment and a college fund so that Reggie may study business one day. 

    Speaking with CBS News, Reggie doesn't seem like his spirit has been crushed by the incident. He told reporters at CNN that he picked up 20 new clients and is looking for more: "Just give me a call. I will be there. On time!"

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