Baby Suffers Severe Burn After Mom Gives Him a Popular Pacifier

Baby pacifier burn
Kristen Milhone/Facebook

Like many parents of infants, Kristen Milhone worried about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and was proactive when it came to sleep safety. This mom from Michigan wasn’t willing to potentially jeopardize her baby’s life and worked to follow regulations and guidelines, that pretty much left her 7-month-old sleeping in an empty crib, in order to keep her baby out of danger. That’s why Milhone was shocked when her 7-month-old boy woke up with a blistering mark on his face. But even more surprising was what it turned out to be: a suction burn from his pacifier. Now Milhone is warning other parents about how this could happen to their children while they innocent sleep.

  • Milhone first noticed that something was wrong when she picked baby Jack up from his crib.

    “This morning I woke up to my baby, as usual but this time was a little different,” she wrote in a post on Facebook. “My baby had a quarter sized, reddened, raised and blistered spot on the left side of his head (the side he was laying on).”

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  • She immediately thought the blistering blotch was a chemical burn but had no idea from what.

    As Milhone grabbed everything Jack needed for a trip to the doctor, she couldn’t figure out what in his crib could’ve hurt him like that. “I thought ‘well maybe it was something in his cosleeper’ but that thought quickly flew from my mind because it was just him and his pacifier,” she wrote. “None of the things countless safe-sleep books, ads, commercials, or doctors warn you of.”

  • At first, doctors thought it was ringworm but then realized his pacifier was the culprit.

    “They determined it was a SUCTION BURN FROM HIS THE SOOTHIE PACIFIER," she wrote. “As Jack rolled at nighttime he happened to have created a suction effect between his left temple and the back of the soothie. The diameter of the wound and the pacifier indentation were an exact match!”

  • Now, Milhone wants all parents to see what doctors believe Jack’s Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier did.

    “My poor innocent baby, is now injured due to a product that is trusted by millions and was used properly," she wrote. "I will no longer be using these products once we can find a suitable alternative for him and until then its use will be closely monitored. 😢"

    She tells CafeMom that out of all of the products, she trusted these pacifiers because the same type was given out at the hospital. She was also told that they were supposed to be safer and more sanitary than other brands. "It was terrifying finding out that my innocent 7-month-old baby had been hurt by something that i was under the impression was safe. As a mom, just like the others, my number one goal is to keep my son safe, and the slightest slip is failing," she says. "I would like people to just remember that if they are going to use this pacifier, please take it out of the crib/cosleeper/bassinet once the baby is asleep. It's a mistake i will never live down."

  • Jack may need plastic surgery depending on how it heels and Philips Avent is investigating the situation.

    If the burn doesn’t heal with antibiotic ointment, Milhone said she’ll have to take Jack to a burn clinic or plastic surgeon because the skin on his cheek is so thin.

    A representative for Phillips Avent tells CafeMom that they are dedicated to supporting families and have a strict process in place to evaluate "quality and safety concerns" when a product doesn't perform as expected. "We are aware that one of our customers had a specific situation arise while using a Philips Avent Soothie and we are committed to investigating her concern," Natasha Best says. "We wish to reassure you that all Philips Avent products, including our pacifiers, meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements, including US CPSC requirements for children’s products. We also encourage all consumers to adhere to the recommended usage guidance on the product leaflet. Parents with questions should always feel free to contact our consumer care line at 1-800-542-8368, where our knowledgeable product experts are standing by ready to assist."