This Viral Post Illustrates Exactly How a New Grandma Should Act

woman in labor holding hands

Every family welcomes a new addition in their own way, but the happy occasion may also shed light on boundaries that need to be set. New parents who want to ensure that they're afforded enough time and space to bond with their L.O. could find themselves butting heads with loved ones who aren't exactly cool keeping their distance. And this happens all too often, which is why a Reddit post, written by a new grandma who supported her daughter's labor and delivery in the perfect way, is going viral. 

  • The grandma-to-be, writing under the handle Martella71, shared how, on the day of her daughter's labor, she was by her side initially. But there was a turning point when she realized it was time to go.

    "I stayed with her until [the husband] got there at midnight, and around 2 am, my daughter looked at me and opened her mouth to say something, then closed it and looked over at her husband," she wrote. "I asked if she wanted me to go, and give them some privacy. She breathed an audible sigh of relief and said yes, and when she started to apologize, I told her not to. I gave both her and my son-in-law a hug, and went home to sleep. In the morning I saw a text from her that she was still in labor, so I went over to her house to feed her dogs and let them out."


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  • Reddit commenters quickly flooded in to tell the proud grandma that she set an important example.

  • Some applauded her for being "an amazing mom," while others took notes for the day they'll find themselves in her shoes.

  • And of course this positive, supportive message meant so much to women who struggled with their own moms' lack of boundaries on the day they welcomed their L.O. 

    No doubt this grandma-to-be is particularly enlightened. After all, she admitted that she Googled "‘what to do for daughter while she’s in labor." Not sure most women in her position go so far as to do that kind of recon! Thank goodness she did though. Clearly, it's not just her own daughter who appreciates her effort to be a supportive, loving, boundary-respecting grandmother as opposed to an overbearing one.

    Congrats to the happy family!