This Mom 'Doesn't Get' Parents Who Let Their Toddlers Wear Bikinis & People Have Feelings

baby in bikini

No matter which parenting decisions we're talking about -- from the food kids eat to how much screen time they're allowed -- there are all too many opportunities for contentious debate. But one of the latest examples is getting people heated after a poster on called out little girls' two-piece bathing suits.  

  • The annonymous mom called out baby bikinis for trying to turn toddlers into "mini adults."

    User GoodAfternoonSeattle asked the online forum if she's being unreasonable for not understanding why parents put their little girls in bikinis -- and not because it show's too much skin. For this mom, she doesn't understand why baby and toddler girls need the coverage at that age period. "Why does a 3-year-old need something to cover their chest on the beach or at the pool?" she asked.

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  • Some moms agreed that their doesn't need to be an "adult" difference in attire between boys and girls at this age.

  • They think tots should be able to go just bottoms, sans top.

  • However, many are slamming those making swimwear for kids into something sexual.

  • They point out that some little ones love the look and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Ultimately, plenty agree this isn't a big deal or something to be shaming parents for.

    Really, what's the difference among all the cute swimwear options? Moms should be able to choose the one that serves their L.O. best -- for sun protection, playtime, diaper changes, and/or style -- at any given time. Not to mention that, when you think about it in the scheme of things to get outraged over, bikinis for babies should be a fairly low to nonexistent priority.