This Stranger's 'Dad Instincts' Kicked in When a Pregnant Mom Was Rear-Ended With Her 4-Month-Old

Firefighter comforting baby
Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

When Captain Chris Blazek and his crew got back from putting out a residential house fire, this Tennessee firefighter planned on taking a shower. But as soon as he was about to get in, the station received another call and this one set his heart racing: it was a car accident involving an expecting mom and her young children.


"Normally, what happens when we get dispatched is we just get the address of where the car wreck is," Blazek tells CafeMom. "But in this situation, the dispatcher actually told us that it was a two-car accident with a pregnant mother and three children in the back seat. So when the dispatcher decides to give us a little bit more information like that, it gives us a sense of urgency."

Upon arrival, they found a woman who had been rear-ended at a traffic light and was four months pregnant. She was "hysterical" and experiencing abdominal as well as back pain. As the rest of his crew went to tend to this distressed mother, Blazek went to the back seat to check on her girls ranging from 4 months to 7 years old. "The two older kids were able to tell me that they were ok verbally, but the baby, she was still screaming," he says.

Firefighter and little girl
Chattanooga Fire Department/Facebook

As a father of four young girls himself, Blazek felt in instant connection to the children and what their worried mom must be going through. "I asked the mom permission to get her out of the car seat and as soon as I got her out of her car seat, I did a quick physical exam just to make sure that she was ok; she immediately laid her head on my shoulder and just embraced me," he says. "That’s where my parental instincts took over I just started connecting with the girls."

Chris Blazek
Chris Blazek/Facebook

As the infant slept in his arms, Blazek sat besides the car to shield her from the hot sun while reassuring her mom that all three girls weren't harmed. Due to her injuries, the mom was immediately transported to the hospital via ambulance but Blazek waited with her girls -- while cradling her youngest the entire time -- for nearly twenty minutes until other family members arrived. 

"I truly believe that it’s divine intervention," he says. "I believe that God has taken this opportunity to be able to show the world that we do love each other."

Blazek's colleague, Kyle Vradenburgh, captured their heartwarming bond and it quickly went viral after the Chattanooga Fire Department posted it on Facebook."/It's moments like this, that I am reminded, this is why I do the job," Blazek added.

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