'Nanny Cam' Reveals Intruder Exposing Himself to Sleeping Mom & Baby

nanny cam catches man exposing himself near sleeping mom and baby
Layton City Police Department/Facebook

When parents install "nanny cams" as a security measure, they hope like hell that they'll never actually have to see something disturbing when playing the footage back. Although they may catch a babysitter or spouse up to no good, it's more likely to see their kids up in the middle of the night doing something mischievous. But two parents in Utah got the fright of their lives after their hidden camera captured an intruder in their home, exposing his genitals as Mom slept nearby. The footage is seriously chilling and now the couple is left trying desperately to identify the man who did this.


The young couple, who don't want to be identified, told Fox 13 Salt Lake City that they had no idea that anything had gone on during the night. But when they woke up Monday morning, they noticed a few weird things about the state of their home. "Our sliding door to our bedroom was halfway open. Certain things in my mind kind of triggered [a] red flag," the husband said. 

To ease his mind, the dad decided to check the nanny cam that he'd recently installed. To his horror, he saw a strange man walking around his bedroom, near where his 8-month-old son and wife were sleeping. "It terrifies me. I really don't know how to process it," the wife said. "It almost feels like someone has taken away my virtue, in a way without my consent." 

The Layton City Police Department told Fox 13 Salt Lake City that the full version of the footage clearly shows the intruder exposing his genitals and performing a sex act on himself while he was close to the sleeping mom. Although authorities didn't release the complete video to the public, the footage they did show is just as disturbing. 

The nanny cam shows the suspect walking around the room, turning off a lamp in the corner, then heading around to the side of the bed near the sleeping mom. Even more strange is the intruder's familiarity with the family's home. The couple revealed that they aren't entirely sure how the man got in their house since all of their doors and windows were locked. There were no signs of forced entry, none of their electronics or valuables were stolen, and the man didn't physically touch the mom, baby, or their 2-year-old daughter who was sleeping in another room in the home. 

The couple says that they believe the burglar may have known their garage code, which they believe means that he's either been watching the family for a while, or he already knows them personally. The family is also afraid that this isn't the first time he's broken into their house. "That's what is worrisome to us," said the husband. "That it could potentially be somebody that we know, and this has been happening under our nose." 

Although there are no shots of the intruder's face in the video released to the public, the Layton City Police Department is still asking the public to help identify him. "The suspect appears to be thin, wearing dark jeans, slip on shoes, a light, possibly multi-colored sweatshirt, a wedding band, and carrying an iPhone with a case showing the Apple symbol through a cutout," they wrote in a Facebook post. They ask that anyone who recognizes the man or has information on the case contact them at 801-497-8300 and reference incident number 18-07370.

In the meantime, KTVX reports that the family is too afraid to sleep in their own home, so they're staying with friends. "I feel held back because I can't move on," the mom said. "I don't have closure."

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