Parents Are Fessing Up to the Best 'White Lies' Their Kids Believed & It's Hysterical

white lies you tell kids

No parent ever really wants to admit it, but we lie to our kids. Sometimes, a lot. Of course, those "little white lies"/ aren't normally huge or earth-shattering. But whether they're about the existence of the tooth fairy or who really ate the Halloween candy, they're a pretty big part of parenting. Over the weekend, a bunch of brave parents got real out about the outright bogus things they've told their kids just to get by, resulting in what may be the best Twitter hashtag of all time --  #WhiteLiesYouTellKids

  • Twitter user Mikeala Sunshine first started the thread and it quickly grew from there. 

    She kicked the hilarious #WhiteLiesYouTellKids party off by mentioning the age-old lie we tell our kids about math. 

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  • It wasn't long before more parents joined in and made it a trending topic. 

    "The monster under the bed is vegan. #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," one parent tweeted.

    "It's the law, you can't date until you're 18 or older. #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," another added.

  • Moms and dads all over Twitter were completely exposing themselves -- and the rest of us. 

    "It's illegal to turn the light on in the car while driving #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," another parent tweeted. 

    "#WhiteLiesYouTellKids They don't make batteries for that toy anymore, aww sorry," one user wrote.

    "The ice cream man plays music when he's out of ice cream #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," another parent added.

    "The WiFi is down, so ... no iPad for a while. #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," one user tweeted.

  • Some parents were completely unafraid to bring up those half-lie, half-empty-threats we all give out too. 

    Has anyone ever actually "turned this car around" because of rowdy kids? We can't be sure, but we're leaning toward no. 

  • Others got real about "missing" items that mysteriously disappeared. 

    You know, because it's so easy to just misplace a giant bag of sweets in your belly, of course. 

  • Or when those white lies saved them from some uncomfortable conversations. 

    "Me and your mom were just wrestling, we're huge WWE fans. #WhiteLiesYouTellKids," one parent tweeted.

  • Awkward much? 


  • There are also a few lies we totally know our kids don't believe. 

    That still doesn't stop us from telling them, though. 

  • The #WhiteLiesYouTellKids responses weren't just funny -- they're relatable and refreshing as hell. 

    It's always great to get a reminder that you aren't the only parent who regularly fibs to the kids. We like to think that those little lies help us get through life with a little less drama. If that makes us bad parents, we'll totally wear that badge with honor.