Cop Saves Baby Girl Trapped in Hot Car for 3 Hours & People Are Calling Him a Hero

cop rescues toddler from hot car

Spring is here, and while that's definitely nothing to slouch at, the rising temperatures signal something that we should all be concerned about -- hot car deaths among kids. On average, about 37 kids die every year after being left in hot cars, and their stories are absolutely heartbreaking. Just this week, an officer managed to save a baby girl who had been trapped in a hot car for nearly three hours -- and now he's being labeled a hero. 

  • On Tuesday, Prince George County Police Corporal Darryl Wormuth was patrolling an apartment complex when he came across an unconscious man.

    The man was lying facedown in the grass in an apartment complex and completely unresponsive. According to a blog post by the Prince George County Police Department, Wormuth called for backup and medical personnel arrived on the scene to help the man, who was believed to be on drugs. 

    It was then that Wormuth noticed a lanyard around the man's neck holding a car fob. The officer pressed the panic button on the fob to locate the vehicle but didn't hear any car alarms go off, so he dropped the issue and had the man transported to a nearby hospital.

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  • But three hours later, Wormuth couldn't stop thinking about the car. "Something just kept nagging at my mind," he said in a press conference.

    So he went back to the area where the man had been found earlier and heard music coming from a parked car. When he realized the engine was running, he took a look inside one of the car windows and realized that there was a 1-year-old girl strapped into a car seat in the back. "I said, 'Please God, let this child be alive,'" Wormuth recalled himself praying.

  • Thankfully, she was alive. At first, Wormuth thought she may have been dead, but then he could "see her chest begin to rise." 

    The baby girl had been in the hot car for at least three hours. Luckily, while the internal temperature of the vehicle was about 97 degrees, Officer Wormuth said that when he found the girl, she was only "warm and a little bit clammy." Since she wasn't in any immediate, serious condition that required them to rush her to the hospital, he called for backup -- who, of course, came with plenty of water and chicken nuggets for the baby girl. 

    Authorities on the scene found a cell phone in the car that had over a dozen missed calls from the girl's grandma. The grandmother told officers that the man they'd found unresponsive hours earlier was a relative who was supposed to be caring for the 1-year-old. The girl was later picked up by her mom and grandma, and the unresponsive man has since been charged with reckless endangerment.

  • After his amazing rescue made national news, Wormuth received praise from people all over social media. 


  • So many thanked him for listening to that "nagging" voice in his head that saved this baby girl's life. 

  • But there were just as many who were disgusted at the fact that the baby girl had been irresponsibly left in a hot car in the first place. reports that two kids have already died in hot cars this year alone. And that number may, unfortunately, climb as temperatures rise over the summer. Hot car deaths among children are always tragic, but they're also preventable. There's no denying that Darryl Wormuth is a hero in this story, and we're incredibly glad this didn't end in tragedy.