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  • Everyone else who saw the boob cake really loved it.

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  • A lot of people were totally obsessed with the fact that the cake actually expressed "milk." 

    The dad said that while he may make a how-to video sometime in the future, he's keeping the "trade secret" to himself. 

  • Others just really wanted to congratulate Hunt on doing something so cool to show support for his wife. 

    Hunt wrote on his blog that it's easy for fellow dads to forget how difficult breastfeeding is for moms. "As the dad in a breastfeeding journey, it's very easy to feel useless, helpless and just a little bit obsolete. Mainly because most of the time you actually are," he explained. "I guess that's part of the reason why I wanted to make this cake. It's a symbol that says 'Whilst I might not be able to help you out physically, I can support you in other ways.'"


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