This Dad Made His Breastfeeding Wife a Boob Cake That Really 'Lactates' & People Are Loving It

dad makes book cake that leaks

Breastfeeding is one of those things that moms truly go through alone. We're the ones that physically have to deal with the nipple chafing, latch problems, and perpetually leaky boobs. All the stress that naturally comes with nursing makes its so damn important to have support and encouragement. And one dad has taken support for his breastfeeding wife to the next level with a homemade 3-D boob cake that actually leaks "milk." It's definitely one of the coolest things we've ever seen -- and a lot of other people think so too.

  • Ross Hunt realized his baby's first birthday was also his wife's one-year breastfeeding anniversary, and he wanted to do something special.

    "Since Rachel's been breastfeeding Isabelle [their daughter] now for a year ... I thought I'd do a little bit of a themed cake for Rachel," the dad from South Wales said in a YouTube video. "So I kind of thought, what can I do for a themed cake ... Um, boobs, obviously. Can't do a lot else."

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  • The dad said he did a lot of "research" to make sure the cakes were as perfect as possible. 

    "I spent hours and hours online trying to find the right sort of design, the right shape, what sort of look I was gonna go for, for the boobs. I put a lot of effort into that," he explained in his video. 

    His super diligent research really seemed to pay off too. His boob cake is pretty magnificent. And not at all like one of those weirdly raunchy ones, either. Even though Hunt couldn't find skin-colored fondant to actually make them look like flesh, they do look, at least somewhat, anatomically correct.

  • The best part of the cake is definitely the fact that it actually freakin' leaks. 

    Like a lot of moms who only have one "milking" boob, the cake only leaks on one side, but it's pretty amazing to witness. "I don't even care if you find that weird," the dad said. "But that's breastfeeding ... Sometimes you're just sat there [and] milk comes out. That's what my cake does." 

    Hunt assured everyone that he didn't steal any of his wife's breast milk to make the cake. The "milk" was actually made out of icing sugar and water.

  • When he presented the cake to his wife, she was a little skeptical, though. 

    The mom said that the "milking" part of the cake was definitely "a bit weird."

  • In an Instagram post, the dad revealed that they also got their daughter to actually "latch" onto the cake.

    "She was probably trying to get the icing sugar out!" he said.

  • Everyone else who saw the boob cake really loved it.

  • A lot of people were totally obsessed with the fact that the cake actually expressed "milk." 

    The dad said that while he may make a how-to video sometime in the future, he's keeping the "trade secret" to himself. 

  • Others just really wanted to congratulate Hunt on doing something so cool to show support for his wife. 

    Hunt wrote on his blog that it's easy for fellow dads to forget how difficult breastfeeding is for moms. "As the dad in a breastfeeding journey, it's very easy to feel useless, helpless and just a little bit obsolete. Mainly because most of the time you actually are," he explained. "I guess that's part of the reason why I wanted to make this cake. It's a symbol that says 'Whilst I might not be able to help you out physically, I can support you in other ways.'"


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