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  • Turns out Brent had literally bought a bag of dicks, because the pasta she bought and fed her kids was penis shaped!

    The mom laughingly shared her mistake on Facebook, explaining that she did a double-take after cooking the pasta and serving it to Ava and her seven-month-old baby girl Marie. When Brett rechecked the bag the pasta came in, she realized her epic #momfail. "Okay so the Mum of the Year award most definitely does not go to me today," she wrote.

    To her surprise, the post quickly went viral, getting over 164,000 comments and over 177,000 shares in less than two days.

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  • Most people are finding the whole incident to be hilarious, and saying they could totally see themselves doing the same thing.

    mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta
  • Some tried to make Brent feel better by saying they totally saw the cartoon smiley face she originally thought the pasta was meant to be. 

    mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta
  • Others just wanted to know where they could go to pick up their own bag of man-meat pasta for dinner. 

    mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta

    Because this is the Internet and we can't have anything nice, there were a few pearl clutchers who came to tell Brent off for being a bad parent. Funnily enough, it wasn't the shape of the pasta these naysayers took offense to -- it was the fact that her girls were enjoying a bowl of plain pasta. 

    Personally, plain pasta was the bedrock of my toddler's food pyramid, and I'm not ashamed to say it was a go-to meal for us when I didn't feel like fighting with the kids over putting green things in their mouths. At the end of a long, tiring day, a bowl of pasta meant full bellies and happy kids and that was okay with me. 

  • Plenty of people rushed to Brent's defense, telling tales of their own picky eaters and the joys of plain pasta, even as adults. 

    mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta
  • mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta

    Brett added a disclaimer to her original post, ensuring everyone who was worried about her kids' diet that they did eat other foods that day. "My children are fussy eaters and don't like things touching," she wrote. "They obviously have more than just pasta and a very balanced diet."  

  • Lots of folks thanked Brett for the laugh, and told her not to let the haters get her down.

    mom accidentally serves penis shaped pasta

    We think Brent and her penile pasta are hilarious. Being a parent means rolling with what life throws at you, and not taking things too seriously, even if it's a bag of tiny carb-loaded male members. At least Brent's daughters are fed and happy, and that's what matters most.