Grandma Asks Mom to Pay Back Money She Spent on Her Grandkids & People Are Appalled

mom counting money in her wallet

Grandparents. They can be a huge help with the kids, but they can also do things that make your relationship with them super awkward. Case in point: this grandmother who apparently agreed to babysit her two grandkids for a few days and then asked their mom to pay her back for every dime she spent while they were in her care.

  • An anonymous mom posted on Mumsnet that her own mother hung out with the kids on a school break, taking them to lunch and "out and about."

    The mom stressed that she had prepped the house with kid-friendly snacks for the days Grandma was there and that taking the kids out for meals, shopping, or activities was definitely not a requirement. Still, after the grandmother made it back home, she called her daughter and asked for a return on everything she spent, including the train fare to get to their house.

    The mom, who says her own mom lives far away and only sees her kids about twice a year anyway, asked fellow Mumsnet users if she's being unreasonable for being taken aback by Grandma's request.

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  • Other moms wasted no time in agreeing that the grandma was totally out of line.

  • "With mothers like these, who needs enemies?" one asked.

    "WOW DON'T PAY HER," another person wrote. "She made a choice to come and to take them out. Tell her you cannot afford it. She had a break, a change of scenery, she had the pleasure of spending time with her grandchildren, you treated her to a nice meal. How upsetting that she has the nerve to ask you for money and put you in that position."

  • Some people said the grandma had to be joking because, seriously? Who does that?

  • "She's taking the piss," several women wrote.

  • One person even accused the grandmother of trying to start drama with her daughter on purpose.

  • Surprisingly, a few people did think the mom should pay her kids' grandma back.

    Granted, they said payback should come with some specifications to make sure things don't get awkward like this again.

  • Others said to give her what she's owed but never invite her to take care of the kids again.

    It's complicated having your parents care for your kids. Grandparents seem like ideal babysitters because they love spending time with their grandbabies. But, as parents, we also have to be constantly vigilant to make sure we aren't taking advantage of their time or hospitality.

    It's a delicate balance, and in this case, it sounds like there has to be more going on than just a fight over lunch money. Hopefully this mom and grandmother can get their financial woes worked out, or at the very least, work out some ground rules for visits before they end up in a family feud.