Terrifying Video of a Toddler Playing at Home Shows How Easily Furniture Can Topple

An upsetting video of a little boy playing before an unsecured piece of furniture topples on him is going viral as an important reminder for all parents: The unthinkable can happen fast if you don't anchor things to the wall. The footage captures two children in a room before one starts looking in drawers. It highlights not only how quickly this type of accident can happen, but also how babies and young toddlers aren't the only ones at risk. 

  • A home security camera captured what happened when a little boy was playing downstairs.

    The child is reportedly from Thailand and was playing in a living area with another small boy behind him when things went seriously wrong -- fast.

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  • After noticing a dresser, the inquisitive child started exploring the drawers.

    Unfortunately, the unit wasn't anchored to the wall. As the little boy pulled out the last drawer and started looking in it, the dresser tipped forward and knocked the child off balance.

  • It quickly came crashing down -- and the child's escape is leaving the Internet breathless.

    Miraculously, the boy wasn't completely crushed and was able to scoot away -- mostly in shock over what just happened. Seconds later, an adult came running downstairs after hearing the noise and immediately realized how lucky she was that the child wasn't harmed.

  • The video is terrifying for any parent to see.

    Not every parent is this fortunate, and the video is going viral as a reminder to adults about how quickly -- and easily -- unsecured furniture can topple on children.

    According to Anchor It!, a US Consumer Product Safety Commission campaign, one child dies on average every 10 days from furniture or a television tipping over on him or her. In the United States, a kid is sent to the emergency room every 30 minutes from this type of accident and doctors see an estimated 15,600 patients every year because furniture wasn't secured. 

    The campaign emphasizes that it only takes five minutes for parents to prevent these types over accidents, and more resources can be found here

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