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  • The post, entitled "Mom Groups Be Like," is so relatable because everyone knows each of these moms.

    Whether you know "Mom A" who would start a post with "My house is on fire and my child is inside screaming. What do I do?! Picture for attention!" or have dealt with more than one "Mom C" in your days who would definitely respond with "Essential oils. Unrelated: I sell them," this post gets the world of mommy groups.

    Sure, you might be the mom who suggests squirting breast milk on the fire since it cures everything, or you could be best friends with the user who would recommend changing the child's diet as the magical cure, but you also likely know the moms who would somehow bring vaccinations, coconut oil, or formula into the conversation. And the equally hilarious comments prove how accurate this "thread" really is. 

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  • Some are adding to the list with moms they missed.

    "It's missing 'but they're only little for so long ... I just get as many cuddles as I can now,'" another user commented.

  • Like the annoying "thoughts and prayers" mom or the only-acronyms mom.

    "I know this is fake because the words are fully spelled out and don't use pointless cutesy acronyms," one person wrote.

    "Lmao ikr! My mil's sahm fb gc ... smh," another added.

  • Others are sharing their own similar experiences in these groups.

  • For others, this reminds them of exactly why they left these types of groups.

    "My local Facebook mom group was full of anti-vaxxers and moms asking for free sh*t. Every once in a while you'd get one that posted a photo of some rash or poop asking everyone if their kid was dying," one user wrote. "So glad I got rid of Facebook."

    "I avoid mom groups like the plague. 'My only concern is my child's well being. Hold on, gotta take a pic while driving!' Most of them make no sense whatsoever," another added.

  • And one person nailed it by pointing out that even the commenters all fall into the stereotypes.

    It looks like moms commenting online just can't help themselves!