This Family Had an 'Alligator Watermelon' Gender Reveal & It's Beyond Wild

Alligator gender reveal
Melody Kliebert/Facebook

Gender reveals can be pretty polarizing because people tend to have strong opinions about them: They either love the idea or hate it. Those who are into the idea of finding out whether they are having a boy or a girl in front of friends and family try to get creative with how they learn the news. But it's safe to say one couple recently took things a step further with an epic alligator gender reveal that's unlike anything we've ever seen. 

  • Rebecca Miller and Mike Kliebert found out what they were having thanks to the help of an alligator and a watermelon.

    The Louisiana couple's gender reveal went viral after grandma-to-be Melody Kliebert shared the heart-stopping footage on Facebook. In the clip, Kliebert approaches an alligator that's sunning in the grass and places a watermelon in his mouth. The watermelon is filled with colored goo, and once that gator claps down and crushes the fruit, it's easy to see what baby number three for the family will be.

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  • Kliebert is a professional "gator wrangler," so this idea wasn't too out of the ordinary for them.

    Kliebert's family owns Kliebert's Turtle & Alligator Farm, where they offer swamp adventure tours in Hammond, Louisiana. This gender reveal idea is his version of a professional baseball player hitting a ball filled with colored powder, or a motorcycle driver using color exhaust -- it's a nod to his career but also completely unexpected.   

  • The family posed for some photos with the alligator after finding out that they're having a baby boy.

    Kliebert shared on Facebook that his 9-year-old son knows more about alligators than "what anyone could ever imagine." The dad considers himself a world leader in the gator industry who respects and understands alligators, so of course he would want one in their family photo. "This gator is Sally and a close part of my family!" he commented on Facebook.

  • However, some online accused him of using the animal as a prop and putting his kids in danger.

    "That poor animal, he is a wild, dangerous animal, not a photo prop," one person commented.

    But Kliebert completely disagrees with haters and wants to set the record straight. "U know nothing about this animal," he commented on Facebook. "Keep your mouth shut when u don't understand what my family has done for the Alligator industry. We are a world leader in the Alligator industry. We teach, entertain, & educate people on these wonderful animals in which u need. If it wasn't for my family and what we do it's possible the American Alligator wouldn't be here today." 
  • One thing's for sure: This is a damn memorable gender reveal.

    No matter how you feel about mixing live alligators with baby bumps and gender announcements, you won't soon forget how this family found out about their baby boy.

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