Babies 'R' Us Is Closing Too -- Here's What to Do With Those Registries

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Former Toys"/R" Us Kids were left heartbroken last week after reps for the brand confirmed they'd be closing their doors for good. Parents scrambled to figure out what to do with their gift cards and when they'd be able to get close-out specials on Shopkins. But for pregnant moms who've created registries with the Toys "R" Us sister brand, Babies "R" Us, the news brought a different kind of panic: what about the registries?! Now, the official word is Babies "R" Us is also getting the ax, and the clock is ticking for parents who want to move their baby registry.

  • According to Business Insider, Toys "R" Us is keeping the Babies "R" Us online store and gift registries running for "a few weeks."

    The hope is that the existing registries and online store will be an attractive asset to any potential buyer who might want to purchase the brand and save some of the stores. But if no buyer comes along, Toys "R" Us representatives say baby registries -- along with the Rewards “R” Us program, all gift cards, and Geoffrey’s Birthday List -- will go kaput in mid-April.

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  • A company spokesperson told People magazine that customers must take it upon themselves to transfer their registries to a different store before they shut down.

    Moms and dads on social media are sharing how they're doing just that, starting new registries at competing retailers, like Amazon, Target, and Buy Buy Baby, and transferring all the items they had picked out.

    Of course, if you're due in the next few weeks or you've already had your baby shower, you don't have to worry about moving your registry, but there is one thing to watch out for. According to the Better Business Bureau, buying items that come under warranty could be risky, since warranties may not be honored after a store shuts down. It may be a safer bet to buy big-ticket items somewhere else if you want the warranty intact.

  • Naturally, people are distraught over losing their Babies "R" Us registries.

  • It takes forever to decide what products you want and to add them to a registry. Having to start from scratch feels like a huge blow to expectant parents who already have so much on their to-do lists -- especially if they already sent their existing Babies "R" Us registry to family and friends. 

  • If there's one bright spot in this whole shutdown fiasco, it's that stores will be having some *major* sales as the closing date gets closer.

    Start dates for sales haven't been announced yet, but according to CNN, customers can expect discounts in the 20-30 percent range in the coming weeks, and those discounts will eventually climb to 75-50 percent off.

    While store closures and the loss of so many jobs is never a good thing, at least new parents can hopefully catch a small break on prices as we say a sad goodbye to an iconic brand.

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