This Firstborn Just Realized He Isn't the Baby Anymore & It Shattered His Mom's Heart

Brother meeting baby sister for the first time
Jordan Burch Photography

Typically, when photographer Jordan Burch goes to the hospital to capture a firstborn meeting his or her younger sibling for the first time, the lovefest in that moment is beyond adorable. But when Burch showed up to photograph a little boy named Jackson meeting his new sister for the first time, both mom and Jackson were a wreck over this new transition.


Jackson's baby sister was an unexpected surprise, and like most moms expanding their families, his mom was extremely stressed about how Jackson would handle this huge change. Burch captured the stress and magic of the day in an open letter to Jackson on Facebook. 

"As soon as I walked in, before you came up, your momma, she was a wreck. She told me, that YOU, Jackson, YOU were her baby," she wrote. "Your momma, while she LOVED this sweet little girl, with a head full of hair ... and a tiny bow, she was so worried about you. She didn't know if you'd understand. (You wouldn't)," she wrote. "She didn't know if she'd got to love you long enough yet. All alone."

Brother meeting baby sister for the first time
Jordan Burch Photography

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When Jackson finally did make it into the room, he liked his sister well enough, and approved of her name, but mostly he just wanted his spot on his mommy's lap. "I watched as your tears broke your momma's heart. But I smiled on the inside, so big that it made me have a few tears too. Because, there is this thing between mommas and their boys," she wrote. "There is this unconditional, unexplainable kind of love that even if it isn't felt, all the time it's always there."

This new mom-of-two wanted her firstborn to know that there was nothing and no one that could make her love him any less. "But those, those are hard conversations for a 22-month-old," Burch wrote. "She started crying before you even made it through the door. She knew what I didn't: You were, and (most likely) will forever be, the ultimate momma's boy."

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All this mom wants is for Jackson to be happy. "And she knows that she makes you happy. And she isn't 100 percent positive there is enough of her to go around ... because though you'll want her, someone else will now need her too," she wrote. "And man, that's tough on a momma like yours."

The good news is that Burch knows without a doubt that Jackson's love for his baby sister will grow, and that will have a priceless impact on his relationship with his mom. "You'll love your momma, so much more because she gave you a sister who is going to love you like crazy too," she wrote. "And to have so many people, who love you so much ... well, I'm pretty sure that makes you one of the luckiest kids in the world. Even if it doesn't feel like it, yet."

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