This Sassy Shirt Is for the Chatty Kids in School & People Don't Know Whether to Love or Hate It

I Talk to Everyone in Class T-Shirt
Daily Liked/Facebook

There are some kids who are just chatty by nature, and no matter how much they try, they can't keep quiet in class. For those who were the talkative ones -- or are now parents to kids who never stop to catch a breath -- there's a playful shirt in honor of the struggle. Although those who can relate are cracking up over the sassy wording, others are getting seriously heated over its "rude" sentiment.

  • TeeSpring makes this shirt for the chatty kids who get in trouble for talking in class.

    The shirt, which is sold online for $22, says, "Dear Teacher, I talk to everyone so moving my seat won't help." It comes in a variety of sizes and colors for both boys and girls. 

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  • It went viral on Facebook because people either love it or *really* hate it.

    After one of the shirt's promos was shared on Daily Like's Facebook page, it went viral, with people tagging family or friends who need this in their life, or leaving comments judging the model and her parents. 

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  • Many can totally relate -- either they were the chatty kid in class, or they are now parents to one.

    These people think the shirts are hysterical because they're just so true. Fans are sharing with those who remember what they were like in class, while others are ordering for their own kids ASAP because it's just so fitting. 

  • But others hate it and think this is for rude kids.

    "Really! Her parents are raising a little brat who will never make it in the real world," one user wrote. "Funny now, but wait until she is a teen. They won't know what hit them then she rebels THEM ... like they taught her."

    "My true feeling is that sometimes, incorrectly, parents think it is funny to encourage their children to be disobedient in school, as this photo portrays," another wrote. "Teaching a child, and in this case, rewarding a child (cool picture on Facebook for the WORLD to see) to be disobedient in school can, and will, lead to greater problems in the future. Silly me ... could it be just a teacher's point of view?"

  • And they're blaming parents for encouraging kids to be disrespectful to their teachers.

    "Maybe parents should teach their children that school is for learning and recess is for socializing -- or homeschool their kids!" another user wrote.

  • Despite how quickly the situation escalated, many are clapping back and are on board with this playful shirt.

    "I'm buying this for my snotty granddaughter and if I can't buy it I'm making it. Her teacher will love it because she doesn't get offended by every little thing and bet my little outspoken 8-year-old won't be disrespected by her schoolmates either," one user wrote. "She's taught to give respect and to show respect, she's also taught to be herself and I won't except anything less."

    "I'm a retired educator of 34 years and I think it is hilarious! I have moved kids all of over the classroom and sometimes in never helped," one teacher wrote. "I can actually remember little ones that could have worn this shirt!"

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  • Some teachers have a sense of humor and are defending the "chatty" kids who are being called rude.

    "I am a preschool teacher by trade. Here is what I know. Some people JUST talk to process information," another educator commented. "No disrespect intended or given. s a child, I was this kid. Move me up by the teacher. My dream spot. I could talk to the teacher. I loved it."

  • And they think the haters should work with kids before they judge.

    "Clearly all you people whining about this aren't teachers or have never spent time with large groups of young children. It's a joke!" another wrote. "Can't you all get off your high horses and stop being offended by everything."

  • But some can see both sides to the debate.

    "It's probably not appropriate to wear this silly cute little shirt into the classroom. However, when I read it, I took it to say that she's a friendly child who wants to be friends with EVERYONE...." one user wrote. "She just might make that child that the other kids ignore or 'pick on' feel better."

  • But it's just a shirt, so people need to calm down instead of slamming the kids who rock it.

    "Wow!!! Give this lady a break. I'm sure it was meant to b funny & not disrespectful. Anyone who's got an ADD or 'chatty' child can relate to this," another user commented. "Just bc she talks a lot DOESN'T mean her parents haven't taught her to be respectful to the teacher(s)! Besides maybe she will keep a kid from feeling bullied. We were all created to be unique."

    "Lighten up people, way too damn serious. Need to laugh more. It's a joke ... Get real and lighten up!!!!! Life's way too short," another added.