This Mom Turned Her Placenta into Chocolates & People Are Grossed the Hell Out

woman turns placenta into chocolates
Daily Mail/YouTube

Thanks to celebrity trends and a ton of publicity, eating your placenta is still a pretty big deal among moms who are looking for some extra nutrients after they give birth. While most moms who do this have their placenta made into little pills or straight up take bites out of it in its raw form, some get a little more creative. One mom has even gone so far as to record herself turning her placenta into chocolates -- and people are seriously grossed out by it. 

  • Twenty-three-year-old Kiley Whitworth gave birth to her son Samuel on Monday, March 5. A day after she popped her little one out, she hired a professional doula to help her whip up a batch of special chocolates made using her placenta.

    Warning: The following images taken from the video above contain graphic placenta images that some viewers may find disturbing.

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  • Whitworth filmed the entire bloody, transfixing process, as one does.

    The new mom and the doula started off with a completely raw placenta covered in blood, umbilical cord still attached -- the entire shebang.

  • After the doula got the placenta all prepared, it was steamed.

    While the placenta was tainting a perfectly good pot on the stove, the amniotic sack and the umbilical cord were placed in a dehydrator for later use. If that sounds ominous, that's because it totally is. After the steaming process, the placenta began to seriously resemble a rare T-bone steak.

  • The doula then cut it up into strips and placed the chunks in the dehydrator as well.

  • After a short 16-hour chill in the dehydrator, the placenta was finally ready to be turned into chocolates.

    We can only imagine the excitement Whitworth felt while she watched the doula grind her placenta into a fine powder, mix it with some crushed Oreo chunks, and turn it into Pinterest-perfect truffles, as her chocolate-chip-and-placenta-powder chocolates hardened in their heart-shaped molds. 

  • The end results looked surprisingly appetizing -- even though we know there's a placenta in them.

    The placenta candies looked completely unassuming, and, if we're being honest, a little too easy to mistake for regular store-bought chocolates. According to the end of Whitworth's video, they were pretty damn good too. "Trying it for the first time," her last video clip message read. "Yummy!"

  • The new mom was obviously pleased with her brand-new treats, but others were a little more horrified.

    "Isn't this cannibalism?" one person asked on Facebook. 

  • There were plenty of people who couldn't even get past the first bloody placenta shot.

  • But a few people were surprisingly into the process.

    "[Definitely] have to give this a try," said one expecting mom. 

  • Others fiercely defended Whitworth's decision to eat her placenta.

    One person claimed that moms eating their placenta is totally natural and helps replace "essential nutrients" lost during childbirth. 

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    Of course, these claims have recently been debunked by scientists and doctors who have been practically begging new moms to stop eating their placentas -- especially considering the fact that doing so has the potential to cause blood infections and possibly spread infections to babies through breast milk.

    Making the decision to eat your placenta is something every mom has to weigh the pros and cons of for herself. Whether you're into the idea or not, you have to admit that watching Whitworth make her placenta chocolates was morbidly fascinating in the best way possible.