This New Dad's Reaction to His Baby's First Poop Explosion Has the Internet LOLing

dad dealing with baby's poop explosion
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Diaper blowout, poop explosion, whatever you want to call it, there's no moment quite like the first time you realize your precious baby has managed to poop all over you, themselves, and everything in their path. Every parent remembers their first one, but very few of us have the luxury of getting the moment captured in a video. Well, thanks to a creative mom, one dad has, and his reaction to his daughter's first poop explosion is making the Internet cry with laughter. 

  • The video starts with the poor unassuming dad changing his baby's diaper.

    There's a lot of really adorable cooing, some cute baby talk, and absolutely nothing to indicate the catastrophe that's about to take place. 

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  • Then, it happens. As he's wiping her little butt, an explosion of poop just comes shooting out of her.

    The stuff was so powerful, you can actually hear the poop cascading through the air and landing on her crib, literally inches away from landing on her dad's pristine white tank top. "What the f*ck," he says, just as surprised as the rest of us. "No way, how did this just happen?" 

  • To his credit, the dad handles it a lot better than most of us did during our first diaper blowout.

    While the mom lets out some hilarious cackles in the background, he just grabs some wipes and tissues and starts cleaning up. With the demeanor of someone who hasn't just witnessed his child projectile poop, he calmly tells the baby to "let it rock, baby. Keep on, you got more?"

    The only thing that may signal the internal panic he must have been feeling is a repeated chant of "you got me, you got me, it's all over the place."

  • Every single one of the 47 seconds it takes for the poop explosion to play out is absolutely priceless.

  • This new dad handled his daughter's poop explosion like a seasoned pro, and the Internet cannot get enough of it.

  • So many people congratulated him on managing to get through it without seriously freaking out.

  • Some are even going so far as to call him a "hero."

  • Others are totally convinced the mom and baby were in on it together.

  • We don't know this dad, but anyone who can deal with a baby's first poop explosion with that much grace probably deserves some type of award. 

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