Dad Forces Son to Run to School in the Rain as a Punishment for Bullying & People Are Getting Heated

dad makes son run to school in the rain
Bryan Thornhill/Facebook

The age of social media has made way for a lot of really cool and amazing things. While it allows parents to show off their kids' cutest moments and coolest accomplishments, it also allows them to publicly broadcast their worst moments as well. After his son was kicked off the bus for bullying, one dad decided to make him run to school every day. While many disagreed with the punishment altogether, the dad's post started a bigger debate about the dangers of publicly humiliating kids

  • Father-of-two Bryan Thornhill took to Facebook to talk about his son's punishment.

    A video shows the dad driving down the street in his car while his 10-year-old son runs down the street in the rain ahead of him. According to Thornhill, the boy was suspended from the bus for three days following a bullying incident, but instead of driving him to school, Dad decided to teach him a "lesson." 

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  • Thornhill claimed that the punishment drastically improved the boy's behavior at school.

    "Ironically, since he's been running to school this week, his behavior has been much better," Thornhill explained in the video. He also said that his teachers even reached out to comment on how well-behaved he was.

  • "This right here is just old-school, simple parenting," Thornhill said.

    "This ain't killing nobody," he said. "This is a healthy way for a child to be punished because it's exercise ... This right here is parenting, guys. If you don't know what it's like." 

  • The father says that his choice of punishment was a great alternative to "beating" his son.

    "I just wanted to show everybody," he said, speaking to the camera. "Give you a little laugh." 

    Thornhill said that he liked to be "creative" with his kids' punishments and he encouraged other parents to draw on that same "creativity" in order to teach their kids how to be responsible and accountable. 

    Thornhill ended his video with a message to everyone watching. "If you've got your panties in a wad over watching a kid jog, I feel sorry for you," said the father. "You're probably a lousy piece of sh*t." 

  • For a lot of people, Thornhill's punishment was the perfect solution to his problem.

    Some commended him for making the child run to school, being good enough to drive along behind him and make sure he was safe, and doing his part to end a "generation of wusses." 

  • Many were fully on board with the fact that the dad thoroughly and publicly shamed his child.

    According to some parents, a little public shaming is all children need to rectify their bad behavior.

  • Others expressed disgust at him.

    Not everyone was necessarily angry about the punishment itself, just the father's idea to record it and put it up on social media for the world to see. 

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  • Some even suggested that the 10-year-old's behavior is indicative of his father's parenting style.

    One mom said the boy was probably a bully because his father bullied him. "Ass*oles are made, not born," she said. 

    While Thornhill's punishment is never something I'd put my child through, it isn't nearly the biggest issue to be had with this entire situation. Making the decision to record it, upload it to Facebook, and encourage people to make it viral and shame his son are all pretty damn disgusting behaviors for a parent to exhibit.

    Parents forcing their kids into publicly humiliating punishments is a trend that has only seemed to grow over the years. But with science telling us that it actively hurts our children, and common sense telling us that it's damaging and hurtful, why is it still happening? No parents should want to turn their kids' worst moments into some sort of horrific spectacle, and using our position as parents to publicly violate our kids' privacy is doing a lousy damn job at raising kids.

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