Mom Makes Thousands of Dollars Selling Breast Milk to Bodybuilders Online & Has Zero Shame

For many moms, breast milk is an invaluable food source for their babies. But for those who experience hyperlactation, a condition that makes moms produce more breast milk than they need, having a huge supply of breast milk can be more trouble than its worth. One mom with too much breast milk decided to use her liquid gold to make a little money and started selling it to bodybuilders online, and she's already made thousands of dollars doing it. 


Rafaela Lamprou is a 24-year-old mother of two who gave birth to her son, Anjelo, seven months ago. Quickly after Anjelo was born, Lamprou realized that she was producing so much breast milk she was running out of room to store it all. 

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At first, the Lamprou reached out to her fellow moms to find people who would take the excess milk off her hands. "I asked a couple of mums who were having trouble breastfeeding if they wanted it," the Cyprus-based mom told Caters News Agency. "I started giving it away." 

According to Fox News, the mom started a Facebook group so people could request her breast milk. But the moms with low milk production reaching out to her were quickly overshadowed by a different group of people. "I then started to get some inquiries from men," she said. "It started with men who were interested in bodybuilding. They say it is good for building muscle mass."


She was also approached by some whose reasons for wanting her breast milk were a little less innocent. "But then I started to get inquiries from men with fetishes," she told Carters News Agency. "I have no idea what they do with it but they tell me they consume it."

Even still, Lamprou didn't shy away from anyone who wanted her milk. While she still gives her breast milk away to moms in need for free, she's started charging her male buyers one euro -- almost a dollar and 25 cents -- an ounce. The mom produces nearly two liters of breast milk a day and sells just about all of it. Since starting her little business, Lamprou has sold 500 liters and made about $6,000, all of which comes from strangers online. 

"Now I breastfeed on demand," she says. Lamprou lives with her 7-month-old son, her 4-year-old son, and her 33-year-old husband, Alex. She told Carters News Agency that selling her breast milk has become "quite addictive" but she's had to do some pretty strange things in the process. Some of her bodybuilding costumers have asked her to take tests to prove that she doesn't smoke or drink and isn't selling "tainted" milk. 

According to an article written in MensHealth, bodybuilders drink breast milk because "it is incredibly caloric and nutrient dense." While there are no studies to support the claims that breast milk is good for adults, many bodybuilders have taken up drinking the stuff in lieu of steroids. 

Lamprou says that her husband is completely supportive of her endeavor. "He is really cool about it. He is happy as long as I am," she shared. 

But others are a little more weirded out about it, and they haven't held back from shaming the mom online.


But there are also plenty of people who are cheering her on and giving props to her "innovative" business model.

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Ultimately, the mom says that she really enjoys selling her breast milk online. Not only does it ensure that her excess doesn't go to waste, but she gets to make money off of it as well. Lamprou says that the weirdness of it all just comes with the territory. "It was a bit strange at first giving breast milk to a guy with fetishes but as long as it is just that and not asked to show any part of my body, I don't mind at all. I am open-minded."

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